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Donkey Kong Country 'Aquatic Breaks'


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An ambient breakbeat remix of Aquatic Ambience made in FL Studio via Albino and Vanguard.

Original: Aqutic Ambience_______________________________________________


Remix: Aqutic Breaks (v6)______________________________________________


Changes since v5:

- Improved the instruments

- Improved mixing and effects processing

- Fixed some volume issues

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You really like Donkey Kong, don't you? Your remix focus is certainly heavily DK biased...

Yeah, it's close to the source (unacceptibly so for OCR's standards), but it isn't bad, at all. You're showing signs of musical progress, and I enjoy it :).

Nice use of the sound effects to create the beat - it's not everyone's forte, but it's something I personally like.

Be careful of the bassline - it doesn't move enough when it should (like when the rest of the song changes the harmonic scheme), and be careful that you don't use too much reverb on a drumline like that - it'll muddy the sound considerably.

Nice work in general, though.

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Excellent work, man :-) The updated version sounds a lot more personalized and unique compared to what I remember hearing, and the sound effects actually add a lot to the mix in this particular case! I haven't listened to this with headphones, but it sounds like there's a lot of fuzziness/clipping when the sfx come in, you might want to listen for that and see if it's too cramped down in those frequency ranges.

Is this one going on the DKC-Atlas remix project?

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