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Kirby 64 - Big Eruption! + Castle Underground


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Game Title - Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards

Song Titles - Big Eruption! + Castle Underground

Remix Title - Big Band Boom

Big Eruption! original -

Castle Underground original -

I figured these two songs sounded fairly similar to one another, and it would be good to use bits of both to make one big remix. I'm not even close to being finished. I haven't EQ'd, I haven't messed with velocities at all, I haven't finished adding in all of the instruments, and I haven't resolved the ending (there is a bit more after where it cuts off). I still thought I'd post it now. I'd hate to get much more work done and realize that this song is just a lost cause.

The bass at 1:34 will NOT stick out like a sore thumb when I'm finished...I had forgotten I had added that part, but there will be a lead into it.

Lower the volume on your headphones if it's too loud for you. I'm going to lower the volume of the entire thing once all of the instruments are added. I can get a better read on what needs to stand out more then.



EDIT - You know what...I'm going to have to slow this down a little too...

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VERY repetitive. I know. I feel the same way. Is it the current drum beat, or is it more the fact that the alto saxophone runs all the way through it? As far as realism, changing the velocities of the instruments and possibly adding more instrument layers will help that as well. I intend to add a trumpet and a piano...but I haven't had much luck finding a realistic trumpet (aside from playing my own).

Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate the help, even if it was short and sweet. :-)

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I'd say it's a bit of both.

And realism comes from other things than just velocity, there's a timing thing, there's how the volume changes over time (with brass, doesn't quite apply to piano the same way), there are changes to the character of the sound of brass that come with how it's played... realistic brass with samples... not easy. You could reduce the problems by changing up the instrumentation and not relying on the brass so much. Less brass means less of the brass-related problems, or at least for less time.

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Okay it's been over a month, but I love K64, so I'm barging in and saying you need to finish this!

I like it a lot, but I think what I like so much about the original tune is it's great atmosphere. I think your flute does a good job of translating that (actually I really like it - it's nostalgic for me in a weird way), but yeah, you definitely want to add more stuff because right now it sounds a little empty, especially on the second go-round that starts at around 1:37. Have you thought about some bigger percussion, like some cymbals or timpani drum rolls or something? Trumpet and piano sound like good additions, but whatever you add it should have some presence 'cause right now it needs more stuff going on. But the song has lots of potential! I'm excited to see where you take it. (Or, well, where you HAVE taken it seeing as how it's been so long.) Please update... We need more K64 remixes. :]

Oh yeah and you might want to add a teensy bit more reverb on the sax; it sounds a little fake or samply to me do to the lack of 'verb, but then again I'm kind of a 'verb whore so just try listening for it.

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