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Let's Play a Game! - Who are you, in five ReMixes or less?


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I thought this would be a fun exercise.

Describe yourself using five ReMixes or less*. You could use anything about yourself:

- your heritage

- your personality

- your occupation (how many of you are plumbers or members of Avalanche?)

- your hobbies or interests

- your location

This could take some thought. Are you up for the challenge?

For example:

I am

Latin (Mamacitas in My Valley) with a

Celtic twist (Crossfire),

pretty laid-back (Dialama tu Kafe), and

an artist (Trippin' on Rainbows)

who lives near the ocean (Beneath the Surface).

If you like this kind of thread, let me know by reply or PM. I might just make it a (semi)regular thing.

*Please note: This is not a "list your five favorite ReMixes" thread. The Admin does not look kindly upon such postings and I have to agree with them. So please don't spoil the fun and get this thread locked. Also, remember that the world can see what you post about yourself. Thanks!

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