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OCR01950 - *YES* Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 'Eye of the Storm'


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*Sigh* What's with Ad and these subs of his that are hard to judge? :razz: - Palp

"Eye of the Storm"

Zelda: OoT

Windmill Hut, Lost Woods

It begins with weather sounds. How original. :D

I have no recollection of my idea for it from when I started this, but I know that at some point I felt I was relying a bit too heavily on the filtered drumloops. Not sure what I did about it, but I like how it ended up sounding. I found myself thinking of the Lost Woods tune and thinking it sounds a bit like the Windmill tune, so I tacked it on at the end, added some more ending... Somewhere during development I added a Red Brinstar-like pattern in the background during some parts, and later a sustained lead/semi-lead just because all the sustain-less bell synths were getting annoying. I also did a few key changes just to vary the sound a little. I should have changed time sig as well... maybe next time.

...my usual fake shaker is there too, subtly crazy at 2:34 with a neat high-resonance-on-filter sound. I'm expecting it to turn into birdcussion one of these days. :D


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From the man himself:

0:16 foreground bells derived from source 1 (in rhythm, mostly)

0:32 lead melody from source 1

0:49 same as above, altered version

1:06 weird melody derived from source 1 added

1:45 three notes melodies alluding to source 1

2:02 descending bell melody derived from source 1


2:34 shame on you if you don't hear source 1 lead melody here

2:57 recognizable part of source 2

3:22 source 2 derivation on bells

3:39-4:12 source 2 backing on bells, fading in

4:14- source 1 melody, some of both sources in background

4:30 source 2 derived stuff on bells

4:45 more source 2 derived melodies

5:02 source 1 melody under the legato synth


There should be enough source, and most of the melodies are based on source, some further strayed than others.

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Similar to Rozo's Freespace sub, the source is used a little unorthodox-ically. The three-note Song of Storms melody is used a lot, but rarely following the full phrase of the original one-for-one. Sometimes it gets transposed or tweaked. However, unlike the Freespace arrangement, I thought this had a clearer connection to the sources, and his breakdown mostly agrees with mine, enough that I feel the source is dominant.

The track sometimes has different bells fighting for attention, and it would have been stronger with instruments that didn't compete so much. But the soundscape is still well-rounded and pretty tight. I liked the mood of this and the storm effects, and overall, it was an enjoyable track.


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Definitely some unorthodox harmonies if you're used to the original tracks. Good personalization of the melodies, sometimes a bit too liberal but mostly close enough to be identifiable. The production is slick, it still annoys me that you never actually have a real beat with bassdrum but that's personal preference. The only issues are that the track sometimes lack direction. This might be because of the previously mentioned lack of beat and slightly unorthodox key changes. However these doesn't drag the track down enough to warrant a no, even coupled with the liberal source usage.

Overall good work, there's still some room for improvement and polish but I'm gonna go with my gut.


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Ok ok, I'll vote for real.

I love the groove. Lots of sparkling timbres and syncopation coupled with a really energetic bassline and sweeping pads. I dig it, yes I do.

I think Roz knows our general guidelines, but he likes to push the limits with his arrangments, and hey, I can appreciate that. (Larry might not, but he smellz). :)

I think one really follows the same approach as Winglesses infamous "One Girl" mix. (Even uses a thunderstorm!), and I for one, really love that song. Since I'm one of the judges who does NOT strictly adhere to the stopwatched 50/50 rule, I can appreciate and acknowledge the connections, though they feel much more sparse simply because of 1) the textures/instruments that are representing them and 2) they are slightly altered which makes them harder to distinguish on the first listen.

Anyway, so all that said, I think this is probably my favorite of all Ad's fine work, and I'm personally happy to accept this as the first stand-alone rendition of the Windmill Hut (well, that can stand up to our modern-day scrutiny, that is, because this one is pretty old-school, and probably wouldn't even make it to the panel now-a-days.)

Now THAT being said, I'd say your arrangement just BARELY scraped by by the skin of its teeth ;-)


'aight now, go whip us up a crappy MIDI-rip. YOU OWE US THAT MUCH AT LEAST. :tomatoface:

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I'd bring up the drums, and lay back a bit on the pads. The mix is certainly good enough to pass though. Sparkly.

I think this track is good, and the atmosphere works well, but I feel the arrangement is a bit meandering. I feel the energy level could use a jolt in some places. Just when I expect some big saw lead to come in or something, the groove will drop out into a wash of pads. I'd really like to see you focus your direction with the arrangement.

Close, but I'm not really satisfied yet.


BTW, I've got no problem with the liberal arrangement. Enter Larry.

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I do think the lack of a driving beat and some strange entrances and exits of instruments hurt the arrangement of this, but otherwise I was generally feeling it. Production was clean and crisp, and the motif was used enough and in direct enough ways to pretty much always hear the source.

Instrument selection was good, especially those shimmering bells, but I agree that a kick drum would really be welcome.

This definitely scrapes the bar a little with the meandering and overly fluid arrangement, but I do think it is passable.

Here's another borderline yes for you. :P

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