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Magic Knight Rayearth

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Long Time Ago (early Nineties) I Saw (Translated to Spanish) a Japanese Anime TV Series named  "Magic Knight Rayearth"

they had a Wonderful Orchestral and camera instrumental Music on their Background, also they have some Video Games...

Magic Knight Rayearth (MKR) went to the Sega Saturn as a Huge RPG with that Music... Does Anybody Knows that Game? ... Heard their Music?

It will be Wonderful to have some of those Songs Here... :wink: ...they even featured some Electronica / Dance songs, and few were sung.

Personally, I am Working on some Versions, I Play Keyboards and use a Pair of PC Programs for Sequences... Maybe I can Finnish one song and Post it here.

Anyone knows something about Magic Knight Rayearth? :?:

Kind Regards.

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Yes, Magic Knight RayEarth had some nice music, but I doubt you will see any of it here. You see, the music used in the games is based upon the music made for the anime.

If you will check the Submission Standards and Instructions, in section 3, it states:

* The music must have been composed specifically for the game. Movie themes such as Star Wars or licensed songs from games like Gran Turismo do not qualify.

So, sorry, but none of the RayEarth music will ever appear on OCR. You may want to check out Anime Remix, though. I think the had a few RayEarth songs there.

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