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Shattered Horizon


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For those who want guest passes, join this steam group and post a comment requesting a pass. There are plenty of people who have some so you should definitely get one.

If anyone HAS any guest passes to hand out, post here so we know.

In other news, this game has gotten 2 much needed patches already. The release notes are as follows:

PATCH NOTES - Shattered Horizon


Added Frames Per Second-counter, press F4 to toggle on/off

Memory allocation improved

Ambient Occlusion set off as default

Fixed: Strange behaviour of astronauts during end round fadeout

Fixed: Incorrect '<team> selected' voice in team selection screen

Fixed: Rare bug of grenades flying through walls

Fixed: Bugs in visual settings (AO and post processing was not always saved)

Fixed: Rare crash bug ('scene manager not found')



Added team-killer auto-kick

Memory allocation improved

Cyclops achievement is now achievable

PATCH NOTES - Shattered Horizon



Each grenade type can now be assigned to a separate quick-select key.

"Roll left" and "Roll right" can now be assigned to individual keys. You can adjust the roll speed when rolling with keys. While you are rolling with keys the mouse is completely free to aim.

Both the mouse and the individual keys can be used to roll in-game, you don't have to choose between them so are free to use different roll methods depending on which you prefer for each situation.

Help screens and FPS-counter controls can now be bound to different keys in the controls menu.

Added mouse wheel support to controls.


The color of the EMP lightning effect on players has been changed from blue to white. This change is to reduce confusion when MCC (yellow) players are EMPed. The EMP particle effect however is still blue and will be changed in a future update.

When typing a message using in-game chat, a history of all in-game chat messages will appear. The text will disappear automatically after a short time.


Firing the weapon in silent running mode now plays the correct muffled audio.

Fixed a rare bug that caused rendering to freeze while the game continued running.

Fixed an occasional issue that resulted in a player spawning into a level with too much speed.

Fixed an issue with shadows initializing incorrectly, which could cause aliased sharp edges.

Fixed a bug with in-game chat where lines of text could appear on top of each other.

Fixed a bug that allowed in-game chat to be used while in silent running mode.

And there are already plans for the first content pack, which will include 4 new maps, which I think is really what this game needs. The 4 maps included in the game are good but really a little more would be great. There is no planned release date for the pack but the people that preordered the game will be able to playtest them starting this week.

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bumping this because theres going to be a major update soon which will fix what most people didnt like about the game

theyre adding multiple new weapons

some people like darkesword and vimk wanna get into it and if theres enough interest we could get a server going

anyone wanna play???

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