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Ecco The Dolphin: Soaring Over Archipelagos


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Yeah I agree... you got some cool and creative ideas, particularly with synthwork.

Only complaint I can think of is that all the synth and countermelodies near the end make the track a little cluttered,

Halc tells you make this yesterday so based on that, I'm going to assume that you can get this to a better standard in no time... :P

But yeah, this is nearly there, not quite, but close. Keep at it, this could see the front page with enough care assuming the arrangement fits the standards ;)

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Yeah dude, this is pretty good :-) I like your synth choices and how you use them (particularly the pitch bends, they remind me of AnotherSoundscape's tracks at times.)

I'll agree with Willrock that it gets cluttered during that one point, either EQ one of the counterpoints down a bit or just simplify the whole section.

Overall though, a killer track with great leads, nice pads, and a really bumpin' bassline that halc made sure I paid specific attention to! I'll be keeping this one on my playlist for a while!

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