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Lufia II DS Remake


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I'm considering getting this, but I want to know - is the difficulty comparable to the original two SNES ones? I really liked the original two Lufia games because, among other things, they were so challenging.

The beginning has an extremely steep difficulty curve, then after the middle the game is quite easy. It's one of the flaws of the DS version, unfortunately - inconsistent difficulty isn't a good thing.

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Soo... is it Gah-dis or Gay-dees?

Goddess. Sexy Gades will destroy everything.

Not quite sure what to think of the story remake parts, currently have acquired Artea. I do like the new Lexis though. Pink Hair Dekar was kind of odd...missing the love is my sword line.

Also I agree on the difficulty curve thing. Fighting Gades in humanish form was horrible. I eventually got used to robogades but I could only react with FUUUUUUUUU when he showed up again(Though he didn't seem as bad then despite the small fighting area). Gratze tank was kind of annoying until I learned to stop dodging everything.

Also I'm noticing some new music tracks and a lot of switches on music(sub theme at the flower mountain, regular battle music at bosses, I'm pretty sure I heard the original lufia battle theme in the Ancient Cave too) Still they usually use it appropriately so I have no qualms there.

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I don't think there's anything 'new', music-wise - everything that I heard that wasn't a remake of Lufia 2 tracks seem to be remakes of old Lufia 1 areas. Lufia battle 1 isn't the only original Lufia track they remixed in this game.

Yeah I think you're right. It's been a long while since I played through 1 though, so I'm not surprised I didn't recognize a couple. I did notice they stuck the lufia 1 boss theme in.

I think I agree with Arek's assessment. It's a good standalone title, but it's not a good retelling of Lufia. Spoilers ahead.

Part of what made the ending music and feel so appropriate was that maxim was on his own at that point. His friends were gone, and his wife was dead, and he didn't necessarily have the strength to destroy the mystic stones(And he didn't until dual blade lent its power too). Though it's very briefly hinted at by Iris, their deaths after the third stone are pretty sudden in the remake. Hey Selan, I think we're dead. Yep, we are, lets go home. Although it is better than giving a happy everyone wins ending which is what I was thinking they were going to do since they had no indications of dying. (Or at least Selan didn't)

And seriously, no real fight with Erim? Just a timed battle where she eventually stops fighting you. She was probably the most difficult enemy you have to face in the original, I was looking forward to what should have been a tough fight.

The game's story has a weird beginning, good middle, and then poor ending. Dekar's return was disappointing compared to the original. What suits Dekar more; Popping in and killing two relatively weak monsters and saying hey guize im back, or riding in on a whale to save you and an entire town, killing half the monsters in one blow.

The combat is good, and the puzzles get better and become pretty good near the end. Apparently some things with Iris change in the new game + so I'll probably get to that eventually. At least they stayed true to Arek's purpose, and he remained fairly neutral.

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Reading your spoilers shows me that you haven't played through it a second time. There are some very interesting twists made in the second run through (both good and bad, not going to say what, though). Not to mention that you can finally destroy the Ancient Caves (along with the awesome final boss that makes his reappearance).

Just sayin' - it will both satisfy some of what you want and make you upset at a few other plot changes, so beware :P

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