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No replies? :o

I downloaded this and loved it. You can't really lose since it's free, and it doesn't take long to listen to at all. (Very short album, hoping the next is longer Nario!)

My favorite track is probably 'Hallucinogenic Ethics', although most of these tracks are just really catchy to me. I also really liked 'Frozen on Contact'. Oh! And 'Wandering in Circles, All is Uncertain' is pretty nifty too. XD I could easily envision most of these tracks being in a video game. Which is good since you said they were game inspired!

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I just finished listening to this album. I found it very enjoyable to listen to overall. "Chilled Pop Cherry Soda" and "Wandering in Circles, All is Uncertain" were my two favorites. "HAX" is growing on me as I listen to it again. The video game influence in the music is really clear. In short, great job, Nario. Can't wait to hear another album from you. :D

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Thank you all so much for noticing the video game-like-ness of the album! It means a lot to me that you all not only like this album but are also wanting another from me!

Also, personamask, it appears that you joined OCR on my 21st birthday this year! :-D Have you ever played any games from the Shin Megami Tensei/Persona franchise, by any chance?

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I liek it!!


If these tracks were from an actual game, it wouldn't be too far-fetched to see a remix project come out of it. :-P

Wow!! That's quite the compliment there! I was aiming to make this album sound like video game music (read: that's also my favorite, most inspirational, and easiest "genre" to write in) and your compliment--along with many others--have proven that I succeeded in that aspect! Thank you!

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I'm selling my album at MAGFest 8! Here are the statistics:

+Ten copies.

+Jewel-cased (like REAL albums).

+Flimsy cover-art inside.

+Autograph on the inside (virt gets dips on a message instead).

+CD-R with all thirteen tracks, encoded at 224 kbps.

+All for +1!

That's right. $1! If you want to snatch one before they're all gone, try looking for me on Friday! (NOT 6 PM like I say in the video below, as a band may be playing then)

See you all at MAGFest!

Oh, and by the way: my album has been downloaded around 300 times. Thanks everyone!

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Nice work, Nario. (Oh, and hi! Peach from VGMix here.) I'd like to comment on each track, so bear with me.

HAX is a good chiptune that somehow reminds me of classic Rockman (Mega Man). It has a good progressive feeling.

Chilled Cherry Pop Soda offers a great trance piano that corresponds to the synthesized instruments well. The instrument is very similar to the piano sample I have for my Yamaha's Chill Out set.

In Retro Destroyer, the bass performs well at assuming two roles: the foundation on which the melody rests and a countermelody. I'm reminded a little of the main theme of Madou Monogatari on the Sega Genesis—the origin of Puyo Puyo.

He Just Wanted a Friend emanates a melancholy feeling, which is most likely the emotion you wanted to portray, given the title. It's a simple but effective tune.

If visiting an arcade during the 1980s, Conspiracy of the Panned Chiptune is what you might hear during a story sequence prior to a level in a dark game. The song may be a little repetitive, but it does a good job at highlighting an aura of distress.

I may have heard Hallucinogenic Ethics before, since you posted it alone on the VGMix original music board. This song plays a risky chord progression from 1:12 to 1:17 and pulls it off beautifully.

Frozen Contact really does give off an aura of a chilly landscape or a cold, emotionless character. The "flavour" of the song is refreshing, and not just because of the temperature it suggests!

Improv is a concept I've embraced for years, and I'm Coming Home inspires me to upload some of the improv sessions I've managed to record, despite the errors I've made. You do a better job at the mechanics than me!

Kel Tick Go Tee was quite unexpected. While perhaps inspired by celtic music and Western style (as your vocal ad-libbing implies), the composition seems to be of a more unique genre. That was fun.

The type of inquisitiveness that Curiosity may depict is an unyeilding attempt to uncover the truth about a crime. Good job.

Happy Castles for Sad People actually sounds more whimsically ambitious than cheerful, with the escalating tempo of the ragtime-like style. Nonetheless, it's a nice piece.

I had just finished trying out a special tournament track (the Delfino Pier battle course, edited to be a traditional track) for Mario Kart Wii before discovering Wandering in Circles, All Is Uncertain. I was literally driving in circles in the northern part of the course, because the arrow signs are misleading. Upon seeing the song's title, I thought, "How appropriate." While I digress, the song itself certainly has an essence of ambiguity.

Your Credits melody adequately reflects the other songs in your album. My only complaint is that it's too short of a song!

Overall, you wrote an excellent album. I'd like to hear more from you, and don't be afraid to try out new styles! Oh, and Happy New Year!

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