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Behold the Lego PC!


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OK. I know I should stop beating dead horses, but I had to do it one more time. I believe this is the prettiest it has so far ever been. Every time I redo this case, I seem to run down to the bottom dregs of the colors I use, and this time was no exception, except for red. I had to upturn my Lego bin to find the last 3 green 2x1 blocks to use near the top. I probably would have keeled over if they had given me any more trouble.

And by the way, any time you see blocks with holes in the side, those were intended to be vents. Even the ones you can barely see in the second picture.

And again of course, there are LED's in the clear block on top for power and HDD indication.




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True enough. The insides on this one aren't very pretty though. Basically it is just 3 components stacked very close together with a bunch of messy wires all over the place. The second rendition had the most interesting interior because the hard drive and power supply were positioned above the motherboard instead of just sitting on the bottom green piece. There were some internal support structures built into the sides while at the same time trying to maintain looks on the outside. I was very pleased with the interior. This one though has very little going for it on the inside.

If I wasn't so tired of building with Legos for the exact same parts (like if I had a laptop hard drive to work with) I would totally redo it using the body design of number 2 while trying to have it look at least as good as number 3. Next time I think I will go back to that design type because it feels more stable and is less crowded inside.

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