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Earthbound - Paula's Theme WIP


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As an update to the original, I thought this was pretty groovy and fun. I enjoyed it a lot.

As what somone would ubiquitously call a 'remix' on this site, I am wondering if you can explore the direction of this a bit further, in terms of messing with the idea of the song more, its theme and elements, instead of making it sound 'up to date' in a cool spacey kind of way.

I thought it sounded pretty darn fine in terms of quality and technical sound (though some are free to disagree), but if you were to try to submit this as is, you would be marked on 'staying too close to the source' or something like that.

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I stumbled upon the updated version first.

You should probably hold off on submitting atm, as the arrangement & production could be improved.

As you mentioned it's fairly conservative, but in itself enjoyable nonetheless.

Problem is that up until the middle of the song, when it starts to really evolve and come alive, the song was pretty bland and repetitive.

I acknowledge that the source is kind of loop-based itself, but here you have the opportunity to go into a totally different direction with your remix.

Adding some texture and life to the first half's soundscape, should help making the song more enjoyable right from the start.

Also, expand it a little bit, with maybe a new intro or variations that break off from the original source's melody.

Again, the second part of the song is really promising. Keep at it!

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updated againnn!

minor changes and additions. Arrangement wise, it's still the same.

I have no problems with the arrangement being as conservative as it is. I think it sounds just fine as it is right now. If it doesn't get accepted because of the arrangement, well, tight.

Production wise, I think it's pretty solid.

I'm really happy with this.

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Productionwise, the sound quality here is a bit midi. There's a lot of cool synths, but you need to pan them and EQ them so they're not all dead center. Some processing - reverb, distortion, flange, that kind of stuff might make them sound better also. It also sounds like the whole mix is put under some kind of reverb because it sounds like it's underwater, I'd take that effect off so it's a bit clearer.

The arrangement itself is pretty neat, and I like the stuff you have going on with the sounds. It's nutty stuff, in a good way. Right now you just go through a few iterations of the song and then do crazy FX though, so I'd like to hear you go a little further.

I think there is a lot of really cool stuff here, but I have to be honest and say that I seriously doubt this will be accepted to OCR, arrangementwise or productionwise. That's not saying anything about your abilities, because this is good stuff. Judging by this mix alone, you have a whole lot of potential. Keep at it!

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