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Xbox360 New Year's Countdown

Brandon Strader

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Hi. Most of you with Xbox's on the internet probably already know about the New Year's deals they have everyday. Here's a little listing of the deals they've had.

14 - Free 2010 Glasses

13 - Worms 2: Armageddon 50% off (400 MS Points)

12 - Free Premium New Year's Theme

11 - Avatar Golf Indie Game 60% off (160 MSP)

10 - Stargate Continuum (Movie - 480 MSP HD, 80 MSP Standard def)

9 - Marvel vs. Capcom 2 - 560MSP

8 - Uno Rush (400 MSP - 50% Off)

7 - The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition (50% off)

6 - Battle for Terra 80MSP Rental

5 - Fallout 3 DLC (All DLC 50% off, 400 MSP)

4 - Guitar Hero: The Rolling Stones Live DLC 50% Off

3 - Batman Returns 80MSP Rental

2 - Castle Crashers 560 MSP

1 - Battlefield 1943 (560 MSP)

Note that it is a daily special offer, they only last 1 day, so the previous deals are done.

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i should keep an eye on this. i'd have bought uno rush and worms and the free theme already (i still have last year's winter theme as my theme).

Yeah, I got Worms. (hardy har har)

Last year's winter theme was the best. The new years theme is pretty crap. It is way too busy and actually somewhat ugly too. The 2008 winter theme is just sooo nice. I'm actually thinking of switching back.

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Yeaaaah... the deal today was so horrid I didn't even bother to come update it until what it is now, almost 3am. If you 'really' want it I bet it's still up. They don't change it on the eastern time zone.

But yeah, Batman Returns rent for 80MSP? What kind of sick, twisted, demented gift is that for #3? There's 3 days left and they give us Batman Returns.

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