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Spark Man Remix

Wiggly Squid

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Huh, I did a remix of this source twice (the first one sucked and I hope never sees the light of day, and the second one is on R:TS). Always interesting to hear other interpretations of it.

I loved the spark sound throughout - clean and fitting.

The soundscape really kills it for me, though. It sounds like you're lacking in general volume when it comes to instrumentation. Little highs, weak bass, you need to really give the music some depth, and try avoiding moments where there's only one instrument playing with the drums (like at 2:00).

I like the sparks, but if you're going to use them to break the music up a bit don't break the rhythmic flow. 1:32 is an example of this, and it's very disconcerting. If you want to space the music like that, at least keep the rhythm in tact.

The drum loop is very weak. Change it up considerably and add some more bass to it.

The harmonic motions you use are... interesting. Certainly not what I expected.

Those are my thoughts on it.

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Basically what Garian said.

Your bass and drums are VERY weak. Please don't use a drumloop, especially one that is so hard to hear. You really need a badass bass in here also.

Get a kit in there, and try to make your own drums, take control.

Those little pauses are pretty cool.

I think you could do with some backing synths to follow the chord progression, without anything like that, I think the song sounds kind of empty.

Anyway good luck!

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What the guys before me said, but then there's the thing you have with loops. You use them a lot, I can see the sequencer before my eyes going "1,3,1,1,4,1,1,1,1,1" Then there is nothing to break up the constant thumpthump of the kick, no fills, nothing. I've played around with the source myself and I can say that it just was not this monotonous, even on NES. The end is quite...odd.

Good luck though, patience and listening is all it needs in the end :)

This reminded me that I started a remix of this and never got far..plus I still have that Scrap Brain to finish :|

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