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*NO* Ninja Gaiden 2 'Glowstick 4 a Sword'


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this would be my second submission to your tiiiight ash site..."8)

heres the link...

Ryce Beetz

Title: "Glowstick 4 A Sword"

Original Composer: S.Kajiya, Mayu, Miya

Copyright: Tecmo

ReMixed By: Ryce Beetz

and in case something happened to the attachment i sent you for my 1st one...its also on this webpage..."8)

Title: "The Story"

Original Composer: Nobuo Nematsu

Copyright: Squaresoft

ReMixed By: Ryce Beetz

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rob1 you hooligan. I went to upload it to your ftp and the damn thing is down! YOU COMPLETE AND UTTER HOOLIGAN!!!!! :!::!::!::evil::evil::evil:

I don't think you guys are missing much though, because what I got cuts off. I'm gonna email the guy and ask him to do what you guys suggested.


Dear Ryce Beetz,

This is Antonio Pizza from the OverClocked ReMix submissions panel. I'm not writing as to the status of your mix, but to tell you that we've yet to review it because no one can access it.

It seems I was the only one who could effectively decompress the zip into an .mp3, but even still the song was cutoff around the 2:54 point.

Here's how you can help us:

Re-upload your song to geocities, but change the file extension. change it from .mp3 to .ocr

That way they won't take it down and we can download it without the double compression. Make sure you remind us to change the file extension back to .mp3.

Thanks for your help, man. We'll get back to you once the decision has been made.


The OverClocked ReMix Submissions Panel

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K, Pizza got the tune and sent it to me, I'm hosting it on my server right now (I hope this little bastard stays working...) along with all the other tunes that have come to us.

My review:

I like it! It's a fun little tune that I can easily bop my head to.

But! Is it just me, or do I hear some sort of verrrry quiet clicking? Maybe it's just me...

If there's anything about this mix to complain about, I guess it would be that it sounds kinda simple. Which to me isn't a bad thing, I like simple. I'm just trying my hardest to see something bad in it.

But it's hard to find something I don't like about it (except that damned clicking). Yes from me.

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You know, it's not really all that bad. It's...it's aight :roll: . But something's missing. What's missing? Those strings that were there for the first 53 seconds of the song, but then disappeared.

Like rob1 said, the mix does lean on the side of simplicity, which is NOT a bad thing. In this case, it's not a good thing either. That bell synth or whatever it is sounds like an empty Coke bottle being banged with a spoon. Now that's not totally bad except that the sound is too sudden and choppy.

If that type of sound is the basis for your entire melodic frame, then you need something to compensate for it, i.e. the strings.

I say bring those strings back in somewhere or just run them throughout. This mix does have some potential in my opinion. My ears are hungry, they need constant feeding. Some harmony or something. Till then, no.

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Oh man, I'm really torn on this one. It does sound a little empty, and I would LOVE to hear some deep reverb on the bell lead. but I also think there's enough here to make it a viable OC remix...

OK, the fade-out did it for me. IMHO, if you're going to have a relatively unimpressive somg, do more with the ending than just fade out! Overall, I have to say no, but just barely. It's not quite there yet, and I think it has the potential to be loads better without that much extra work. Make it a little fuller, add some reverb, maybe do more with the ending, and it's there.

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ew. The clicking is really detrimental to the song. It sounds like botched upload unless it sounds like that on his home computer too. Anyway, about the mix itself. at :58 we lose all that was holding my attention. It sounds REALLY dry. Minimalism is ok, but usually there's a redeeming quality like a really great melody or something. But in this case, the melody's so sparse... At 2:09 it gets better. I sort of feel like there's a more full sound there. but still... the clicks. Evil. I think it could definitely be touched up with some more effects, and possibly some more notes in there, but if nothing else, let's get rid of the clicks, so no from me for now.


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