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Supreme Commander 2


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How is it that I hear about the first Supreme Commander seemingly years before it comes out and have to wait what feels like forever, and the first I heard about SupCom2 is when it goes on presale on Steam? Worse, or better?

I'll download it tonight and give it a shot tomorrow. It's good that it runs smoother than the first, since I am using the same computer. With a RAM upgrade, but also with a dying video card...

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Well, I did give it a try. It did seem to run better than the old one, but the few missions in the demo were on pretty small maps. On the last one, my sound started getting static-y, which happened on the original SupCom. I think it's because my CPU was maxed out, and the sound I have is just the onboard sound, so it uses the CPU. At least, that's what I think it is...

It seemed pretty decent, overall. I'll probably pick it up once it is on some kind of sale, but mostly because I still have a bunch of games from the Steam Christmas sale.

The main thing I didn't like was that they changed the economy of things. You have to pay for all of the unit cost when you start building it, instead of just balancing what you make vs. what you spend.

I read a review at Bit-Tech.net after I played it, and they seemed to hit all of my thoughts:


But again, they were strictly reviewing the demo, so some of their gripes may be a non-issue in the main game.

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