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Rendering Issue


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So, I've got this awesome WIP I want to send in for the Link's Awakening remix project, but when I render the file everything comes out fine except for the drums of a particular soundfont in a few specific seconds of the piece. I thought that maybe my laptop was overburdened and rendered the drums separately in a completely different project file by themselves. No dice. Same problem in the same place. The drums playback fine in FL too. I compared the files. I've even tried doing a wav out recording in audacity. That really took away some of the sound quality and dynamic range from the drums though. I'm using FL7 and exporting in wav format (44.1khz, 16 bit rate). Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

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I'm using a soundfont from soundfonts.it. It's called "Good Rocky Drum". The soundfont player I'm using is the FL soundfont player.

To try to describe the problem more specifically. When I render the .wav file the drums sound exactly like they do in the project file until they reach a certain point in time in the remix. For a few seconds, certain hits in the rendered wav seem to have disappeared. For these few seconds, the sound has this almost warbled quality. Everything after this point with the rendered drums turns out fine as well.

Here's a link to a picture that I sent a friend of mine to look at. The picture is of the separate project file I made just to see if rendering the drums in a separate project file would solve the issue. The person I sent this too said that it could be that I exceeded max polyphony for the render and to crank it up. I don't know what that means though.

I hope this information is helpful

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