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Songs for the Cure '10 : New Music from BIGGIANTCIRCLES, FFMUSICDJ, BRADLEY BURR, STEMAGE, and more!

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Hey all!

I'm pleased to announce that "Songs for the Cure '10" was released yesterday on March 1st. This year we've got killer remixes from big giant circles, Bradley Burr, FFMusic DJ, Stemage (Metroid Metal), and tons of other insanely talented artists - including Rellik's band Battlecake doing a Chrono Cross remix! (There's even a Final Fantasy 8 pop remix by yours truly). Also, we've got Meteo Xavier and Michael Huang, two fantastic musicians collaborating for a wonderful solo piece, in addition to a lot of extremely talented singer/songwriters like David DiMuzio and Melinda Hershey. Additionally there are lots of CHIPTUNEs coming from veterans like Zen Albatross, Inverse Phase, and others. For those who like the new side of classical music we've got two WONDERFUL new compositions by composers Danny Clay and T.R. Beery ("In the morning," and "7 breaths") which are both live performances.

The CD is free to stream on the website (http://music.cancerdrive.org), but we're really trying to raise money for the American Cancer Society, so PLEASE consider buying any tracks you like, or hopefully the entire album. Also, you can purchase the 2disc set for $22 - which is an amazing buy. Please check out the fundraiser and let us know what you think.


Josh Whelchel


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Don't forget, anything you purchase that is a charitable donation is something you can write off on your taxes. Few compilation CDs to benefit causes feature this much variated talent and creative output and every penny you spend goes directly to the American Cancer Society. When you add all that up, you just cannot lose with the purchase of a track or an album.

Independently released records don't raise over $5,000 unless they were worth every red cent of the purchase. You get an incredible double-album and the American Cancer Society greatly benefits from YOU.

I'm extremely proud to be able to contribute to this project and I do hope you will make a donation and enjoy the music! :)

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I got this CD a few days ago, a physical copy in the mail. It was like Christmas. The Album art is awesome. The music is great, I just hit up BGC with a VM about how much I enjoy his contribution. (and I TRIED to VM Meteo Xavier, but apparently I can't do that at the moment ;-) )There are 35+ tracks on this double disc package of awesome, covering all sorts of styles. For those who dig vocals, you are guaranteed to dig this album, there are some phenomenal tracks on here.

To sum up: Someone who was not directly involved with this album approves it. Independent review says two thumbs up. You may not have a bone to pick with cancer, but if you appreciate the work of unique and talented musicians and composers, then you will not be disappointed in this investment.

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I'm pretty sure I don't have more than 10 dollars left in my bank account but I had to make an exception and pick this up, this is a pretty amazing compilation. Just the Chrono Cross song alone was worth the money I donated, but there's a metric shitton of other amazing stuff on top of it.

Thanks for throwing together such a huge compilation for a good cause, I'm proud to have supported this initiative and I wish you all the best :-)

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