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Final Fantasy 13 - Dust to Dust


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i agree on dust to dust, that is a gorgeous song. i would however also love to hear these tracks remixed, and i wasnt sure if i should post here or start a new ff13 thread >.>;; im a newbie on these forums hehe....

-sulyya springs-


-lightnings theme-


-i saw someone mention "will to fight", heres the link for that-


-i sorta felt this battle theme from 13 also needed help, "blinded by light"-


i look forward to hearing more final fantasy remixes *hugs ocremix*

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  • 2 weeks later...

i think i would love to hear something from the likes of zircon or bLiNd for these. i absolutely love their techno-ie remixes (and their final fantasy work), as well as the stuff with sixto (those guitars are wonderful). *wishes* XD

anywho thats my opinion >.>

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