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  1. I loved Egypt too! Haluci was really great and Thread6 as well
  2. I agree. Its a good song and would sound really cool like that!
  3. I love this remix!!! One of my favorite remixes on the site! Nice Nice Nice NICEEEE job!!! The ending with the piano is gorgeous.
  4. Haha! The intro is so great! I like the song a lot, but the intro is just fantastic!
  5. You get my vote! I love the Majora's Mask soundtrack. I especially loved Stone Tower Temple (Inverted as well) and the Song of Healing. Great OST. It definitely needs more love!
  6. Oh Dust to Dust is a gorgeous song. I definitely agree that it should be. The whole album is fantastical.
  7. you can get the songs on gh.ffshrine.org
  8. This is really great! I love it! You took one of my favorite songs and made it fresh and fun and new! I love it!
  9. Does anyone remember playing The New Tetris for the Nintendo 64? If not you should listen to the soundtrack. Its very very good. I have a link here posted: Thread6 is one of my faves. Anyways, this is a great soundtrack with good beats and cool sounds. It should be remixed!
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