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Castlevania - Drac's Castle Remix


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Mmm... I don't know how I feel about the vocals. I can see what you're going for with them, but I'd almost say you'd be better off without them. The "Go!" worked well, but the stuff at the beginning just felt off to me, and I have mixed feelings about the "Farewell my son!" section.

Then again, I'm not much for vocals or vocal soundbytes in music in general; so take my comment with several grains of sand.

Aside from that, it was pretty good; nothing in particular stood out to me as needing fixing. I'm sure the more experienced folk around here can give you more help, though.

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I don't know about the vocals either... in the intro, they help a little with a bit of a slow build up (I like the build in this mix), but the farewell part really demonstrates the cheesy original voice acting.

I love the bass and the kick. I don't really have any qualms with the mixing.

Suggestion: it sounds kind of minimalist.. I think your repeat could stand to give the melody more of a presence - so it's not so much a simple repeat? But that'd probably require you go through more of the theme... just saying, it's an awesome theme to want to remix :D But not sure if that's the style you're going for.

I like. Could like it more. (but that's totally at your discretion and more a matter of my taste, lol)

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YouTube quality sounds like poop :350:

you're exactly right! try Tindeck :D

the vocal samples are pretty goofy and out of place imo, but the slicing on some of them is pretty well-executed. some of your instruments are a little on the 'generic' side i'd say, and the kick seems pretty muffled. good buildup during the first half, but it starts to lose some momentum as it goes on, and needs more of a climax.

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Ah yes! The vocals were thrown in there as sort of a tribute to the notoriously cheesy voice acting the game had, if that makes sense. It's something that makes the game memorable and bound to make a few people chuckle... sorta makes one nostalgic I guess. 8-)

Thanks for the comments and constructive criticism, you guys are the best. :smile:

And thank you for that site halc, I will be sure to use that in the future!

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Well, I'll expose my opnion I liked very much of this song

I just can say that I never saw GREAT WELL placed voices on a song like you did.

"the fighting between Alucard and Dracula" during all song the music is well done "farewell my son" and the mix "I shall miss you" perfect in my opinion we must analising the composition not quality of song. you rock man!

For all my heart this music deserve a submission if not I want this music on this way perfect combination about someone that played the game.

"there something much important on the remixes nowadays... I see many people that not feel or played the game that they made a remix" in this case DJDeville played well and brings the emotions back for us


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