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OCR01224 - *YES* Mega Man 3 'Cataclysmic Clash'


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Tempted to direct post, but not QUITE as good as Punch-Out. I still think it's great stuff and should be on the site, but I also think it should be judged. -djp

This e-mail was sent in February, but I'm not sure you got it, because I never received a confirmation e-mail. Anyway, even if you did, please read it through once more since I added some information.


this is Elisabeth (Wire) from Game Over. Hope you're fine. I'm writing to you because I would like to submit another Game Over remix from our (old) demo, "Nintendo Metal". Our new material isn't ready for submission yet and will not be for a while (although we're working hard! ;) So, a new submission from us would prevent people from forgetting us or thinking that Game Over is no more.

Anyway, here's the address where you can download our remix:

Some data:

Name of remix: "Cataclysmic Clash" which consists of the Top Man theme from Mega Man 3 and the boss theme from Mega Man 2 plus the small jingle that appears when you select a boss from the boss map.

Name of band: Game Over

Website: www.nintendometal.com

E-mail: gameover@nintendometal.com

Lyrics can be found (and copied if you like) below the message in this e-mail.

Well, now that I have your attention I want to ask you if you would like to participate on our new demo. We need someone to say, like, two sentences in our new Streetfighter 2 Ken cover. I would be really cool if you did it! I think I sent a private message to you via Ocremix. You will find more information in that message.

I also want to tell you that you're doing an excellent job with Overclocked ReMix! Keep it up! Your site is needed and loved.





Mining terror, eyes ablaze

Feel the power of insurrection

Robot blisters, metal wounds

Cyborgs heading for war section

Rebellion's pounding from below

Monsteropolis is on fire

Searching snakes and shadow blades

The evil doctor's desire


Dwelling in infernal mine of pain

Shoot and spin like a hurricane

Twist and charge, attacking is in vain

Fatal megalomaniac, he's insane

Boiling steel of man-made flesh

Put an end to the obedience

Oil is staining on their hands

And ahead lies their vengeance

Rusty bodies torn apart

Iron scattered in the night

Desert lies this future scenery

Dead is all the faith of Light


Chorus 2:

Fading blackened smoke where they fell

Silent as if someone's cast a spell

From the ground this evil deadly smell

Cataclysmic clash in the name of hell

Enter annihilation

No turning back

Cataclysmic clash

(Lyrics by Wire McQuaid)

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Obvious comparisons are going to be drawn from this song to Punchout, and rightly so.

On a purely technical level, there's nothing particularly wrong with it. Levels are fine. Full sound. Competant arrangement. Etc, etc, etc--

I think on an emotional/personal level, I have gripes with some of the lyrics, which dance on the razor's edge between enjoyable and downright loopy. "Cyborgs headed for war section?" Guffaw? There's also an issue of clarity in the lyrics (which probably falls into a technical issue). Sometimes you can't make out what's being said, and with the aid of the lyric sheet, you don't understand why it's being said.

Still, I can't really conceive of a reason why I would give this a no (or any other judge, for that matter. But suprises abound here). It's fun, it's driving, it's got robots in it. I haven't a doubt in the world alot of megaman and Gameover fans will be xstatic [sic] over this one.


Heeeeeeeeeeeeeere we are! ::BOOM:: Born to be kings... WE"RE THE PRINCES OF THE UuuuuuuuNIverse!

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uh oh...top man...(any one remember that old mix.."there's a man...he goes by the name of megaman, he's got a cannon on his hand..etc)

well..i cant hear the lyrics, so it doesnt matter that they suck.

it suffers a bit from medlyitis, but the recording is good, the mix rocks, all three songs are done well. i think the transitions need work, but the mix is definately solid and enjoyable.


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So much effort...yeesh! That was a hot transition at 2:41 into the robot battle theme, by the way. That was my favorite part of the track. The ending where they yelled "Cataclysmic Clash" and went into the death sound effect could have been pure cheese, but it came across very nicely. Props to Game Over with another winner here. I personally liked this one a lot more than "Little Mac's Confession" as well. Great stuff.


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