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OCR00609 - *YES* Chrono Trigger 'Dream of Zeal'


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Hi! I just finished a remix of the ever so popular zeal. Please consider

this for OC Remix, i think i did a pretty professional job with it. Its

pretty true to the original though, so its like an enhancement that i worked

on, with a few extra synths i put in. Trust me i think you will like it.

Email me back with any questions or comments, i appreciate it!

PS -

Original composer - Yasunori Mitsuda

Remixer - bLiNd -

description (for you) - This is a remix/enhancement of the original Zeal

from Chrono Trigger, i used a lot of trance synths and put in some nice drum

work, and the recording is awesome. Thanks for listening. -

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Ok, I just finished listening to the FF7 one. but I have to rant

about this remix first cause it's good.

The synth lines are very fun and the swirling pads covering the

filler for the chords make a nice contrast. The lead line has a great

ravy sound to it, reminds me of a dune track or something.

The ZEAL THEME HAS 40,000 REMIXES!!!!1```


Yes, that is a strike against it, but the fact that I just adore the theme

is two strikes negative, so it ends up one ahead before we even get

started. Luckily I liked it, so I say yes, good deal.

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Well, there ARE a lot of Zeal mixes already, but it could be much worse *coughpreludecough*...

But anyway, I'm gonna have to vote Yes on this one. I don't really know what to highlight as good here, since it's all very well excecuted - I guess my favorite part would be the extremely good synth lines. The only problem I have with this mix is that the drums are pretty overpowering, even to the extent that they distract from the rest of the remix. But that's only one strike against an otherwise great remix

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It's the...it's the Zeal Palace...I hubba, screendladiffack...fksdjoajioejfoja *can't talk...drooling with delight....*

Yes, there are a lot of Zeal remixes on the site (5 to be exact), but each one of those is an 8 slicer at the minimum (they may be 9, I'll have to go check again someday). It's amazing because I was just pondering the idea of another Zeal mix being made.

Inanycase, post it right away, don't delay, as I'm hoping this will be the sixth. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

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