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Song of storms remix UPDATED

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Ok, Sorry if you aren't suppose to reupload a remix after you alter it, but if it's against the rules ii guess i'll find out.

Anyway, I changed this a bit from my original mix.

People complained I didn't put enough originality into it, So I added a few phrases of my own in there. However, I really don't wawnt to get tooooo far from the original because I find that alot of songs on OCremix get so far from the source that it's hard to recognize.

In addition to original phrases, I've changed rhythms of the basslines, added a bit of stacking.

People also said that the guitar and synth sounded too mechanical and needed more velocity, so every note in the melodic voices have had velocity added.

No one but me seemed to like the "go link" section, so I removed it.

I did keep links various yells in, however, I reorganized them in the beat so they felt more natural.

I think that's all i changed this time around.

Comments, constructive criticism, ideas, and feedback are welcome, encouraged, and often reciprocated :)

Let me know what you think. :-P

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Hmmm, It's still very much like the sorce, I like the Link SFX though. The beat is really really good, as for the rest, Ive never been a massive synth fan so I best not comment :S lol

Look forward to hearing how it turns out :-o

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1) The sound. The notes all seem to be the same velocity, not much effort put into the performance. If you'd do all-out electronic stuff that wouldn't be so much a problem, but you're not. The guitar is especially ugly. Your lead synth isn't pretty either. Most, if not all of the instrumentation suffer from this (the accordion is a surprising exception).

2) The structure. You could basically play the whole song on top of a loop of the original. It's layered and personalized, but I think it's too close to the structure of the source. Don't get me wrong, there's clearly a new intro and a lot of added stuff, but structurally it's a loop of the original with slight changes.

3) The mixing. It's hard to hear anything under the Go Link! clip. The instrument levels and EQ is also raw, and makes the mix sound unrefined and unfocused.

Aside from that, you seem to rely on adding instrumentation and sound effects to keep the track interesting instead of writing dynamics in the instrument you already have. Much like I did a few years ago. A loop-based arrangement, loop this, add loop of this, remove loop of this... It's gonna be a problem if you're aiming for ocr. Not saying it can't be done, just saying it won't be easy.

Most of this still applies, except the Go LInk! section is removed and there's a few decent guitar parts in here now (not all of them). Most of the track seems to be some drum loops and an outofcontrol-loud saw, plus some quantized guitar and synth parts - not the impression you want to give your listeners.

Yeah, sucks to hear nothing's changed after all the changes you've made, I know. Too bad it's not any less true, the problems are about the same as with the previous version. Best advice I can give you is to practice listening.

Read up on how to use EQ (and for what). Read up on mixing, read up on synth sound design, read up on stuff. Put this in a playlist with some similar but well-mixed tracks and compare. Listen to the differences, learn to find the problems in this yourself. If you haven't downloaded the 1000+ ocr torrent, do it. They have some good examples of well mixed tracks.

Also, try to keep everything in the same thread. Looks better, easier to find old comments, etc.. :P

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Well don't except to get on ocr with this arrangement, but you can work it into an enjoyable remix to put on your youtube channel or something. Good practice, and it's good to learn to finish songs just to finish them too. :D

Besides what you can find on Google, there's some guides on ocr, also here, and this one should be required reading for anyone aspiring to improve their mix.

But let me stress that the best literature in the world wouldn't help you if you don't also learn to listen critically, especially to your own work. So critically that you think it sucks. Then figure out why it sucks. Then fix that. ;)

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