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Trance Thread Go Woooo

The Derrit

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Hey everyone.

So I have come upon the means to get a whole lot of new music and I'm looking to expand my trance library. What artists/albums/compilations should I be looking to get? Outside of GT's Public Address (which is awesome) I don't have a whole lot of knowledge.

School me peeps

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Paul Oakenfold

Trance Control

Juno Reactor

Infected Mushroom

Cosmic Gate

Armin van Buuren

Thats all I can think of off the top of my head...

There are so many individual trance songs that I totally love but don't know of any other songs by the artist, so I don't feel I should put them down on the list. If your "means of acquisition" offers compilations, you can usually score decently there too, getting all the one hit wonders as well as some awesome selections from solid album after album artists.

It should go without saying to make sure you have the good stuff from here too, Rayza, Disco Dan, Symphonic Chronicles, Jewbei, Matt Drouin, bLiNd, Strike911, Beatdrop, Siamey, Biznut (someday) and so on.

Also, go find Stike911's sig somewhere and click the link, and go steal all his free music, there's some gold in there for sure.

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Here're a few artists I've found from looking up youtube videos:

009 Sound System

Andy Bagguley

Carl B


Cosmic Gate (Already mentioned, but hey, why not?)

Dash Berlin


Fast Distance

Ferry Corsten

Filo & Peri

First State

Ilya Soloviev


Lowell Hales

Marcus Schossow

Mike Foyle

Paul Miller

Plastic Angel

Ralph Novell

Sean Tyas




A lot of the aforementioned artists are pretty dern good, if you ask me.

Also, if you have a capable media player (WMP, iTunes and WinAmp do this) go to di.fm and find their trance channel. Listen for a few hours, write down some artists and tracks and look up some of the similar works (the same artist and others that sound similar).

Worked for me, maybe it'll help you, also.

Good luck and happy hunting! :)

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You should invest in compilations It gives you a taste of various artists.

some of my favorites have been "Gatecrasher" and "Godskitchen"

I started collecting Gatecrasher in 2000 and lost touch after 2006 when I left Australia. They released CDs to at least 2009. I was fortunate enough to go A Gatecrasher event in Adelaide one year, It was one of the best nights I ever had in my life.

In person, the music and enviroment become vivid like a dream and the people give out a possitive energetic vibe.

good times.

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If you have or can get Sirius Radio

the channel "Area" Chanel 38 plays trance 24/7

with hosts like

Paul Oakenfold

Armin van Buuren

Ferry Corsten

One of my favorite shows is

Above & Beyond Trance Around The World

A gift to you, their shows can be heard outside Sirius via http://www.aboveandbeyond.nu/index.php

just click (radio)

show 308 that aired 19-02-2010 is a favorite

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