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*NO* 3D Galax 'Galax 3D'

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Email sub file galax3d.mp3 - djp

Hi there,

This is my 1st submission of a remix of one of my favorite classic tunes.

Taken from: http://www.mirsoft.info/gmb/music_info.php?id_ele=MTI2Nw==

Friend of mine told me to up it to you guys. So here goes. ;)


Wouter Veltmaat



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Submission Standards]Make sure your ReMix is original and your own, does not borrow too heavily from outside sources, and is not simply a MIDI file with instrument changes. Give your ReMix an original title that is neither your own name nor the name of the original track (though it can be a variation).

http://www.vgmusic.com/music/computer/atari/atari/3D-Galax.mid - Title theme

As alluded to in the ID3 tag of the mix, most of the credit should go to Oedipus, who sequenced the MIDI. This doesn't sound bad, but it's just a note-for-note instrumentation of the MIDI that doesn't even change the style much in the conversion. We don't accept these types of tracks here.


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