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Uematsu vs. Lil' Jon

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Strangely endearing. 10/10

Seconded. "Strangely endearing" is exactly the phrase I would use.

My suggestion as a minor twist would be to have the video game tunes be slightly more prominent in relation to the rapping. Sometimes they get a little lost, at least to my ears, when they have to compete with the lyrics.

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Part of me wants to turn it off, but... Part of me has to listen. And I can't help but laugh imagining Uematsu in a recording studio with them.... God, 9/10 for the mere fact that you made this.

The only problem is that the music sometimes doesn't stand out above the lyrics and that sometimes I don't hear any Uematsu tunes in the background. But when I do recognize one and pick it out, it's priceless.

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