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  1. Happy birthday OCR! And 13, too? Man, now I've got to listen to Cosmo Canyon remixes to mark the occasion...
  2. Received my digital rewards. Glad to FINALLY have a full copy of the SMB soundtrack. Also, with Antigravity plus the Zircon Kickstarter I backed, I have a pretty full collection of his music now. Thanks, guys. This will keep my audiophile impulses sated until the preview drops. Damn, can't wait to see what kind of stuff is in store.
  3. Alright, so glad to see that the Kickstarter did so well! But I've got a few questions, you guys. 1.) Will Hurricane Sandy delay any of this, if so, can we get a rough estimate of how long? I read on your Facebook post that OCRHQ was in the storm's path, so I hope you guys didn't suffer too much damage. 2.) When can we expect the digital rewards? Once again, WHOO THIS MADE IT! It was a rough road, but the project made it through. Can't wait to see what the end result looks like.
  4. Brandon, given the incredible amount of time and effort it no doubt takes to make these tracks, I completely understand, man. BUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SOMEONE PLEASE PICK UP ETERNITY. It is comedically hair-metal as hell. Damn, times like these I wish I was musically learned/gifted. XP Still looking forward to this, regardless, guys.
  5. So, not only did I decide to pledge 50$ again, I UPPED THE ANTE. I pledged... ... ... ... $50.01! Okay, okay, so I used the wrong credit card and I changed my pledge by a cent to correct it. So what. Good luck, guys, hoping this one exceeds the last one.
  6. I bet they only agreed to let you put up a new Kickstarter in return for the thing lawyers value most: hugs. Seriously, though, I'm happy that Squeenix was reasonable here. Renewed my faith in them just a bit. I'll be keeping an eye out for the new KickStarter, but with college starting up, well... I'll try to shell out the same pledge as last time. Though, if I had the chance, I'd double the damn thing. Great news to hear, guys.
  7. "OCRemix: Proudly operating on Valve-Time." All kidding aside, looking forward to the hopefully soon-ish update on the situation, guys.
  8. Welp, suspected as much. Personally, I'm going to refrain from joining in on the Squeenix hate until this is resolved, mostly because THAT is what will affect how I view them. I mean, it's reasonable enough that they have to step in. Regardless of how they did it, OCR was using the Final Fantasy IP as part as their fundraiser, AND they were distributing physical copies of the album, even IF it was just a reward for donating and not technically "selling" them. If SE didn't step in on this, it'd have set a bad precedent if, later down the line, someone who ISN'T a not-for-profit group like OCR tried to do the same thing. Hopefully SquareEnix realizes that this money was not raised to line someone's pocket, but was raised to back a site that helps keep nostalgia and love for the games they made alive and fresh. If that involves them getting a small cut for the use of the "Final Fantasy" name, so be it. As long as they work to let the Kickstater go through and treat OCR fairly, I'll have no complaint. Best of luck, guys, I'll be keeping an eye on this to see how it goes.
  9. I'm glad you guys are still looking into it and I'm still hoping for the best resolution, but this whole experience will still leave me jaded of Kickstarter. I'd think if they cancel a project for any reason an email to the backers should be sent giving at least a general reason for why. Depending on how they handle communication with you guys I'll seriously be tempted to avoid them from now on, which would be a major shame, as I've been helping back the Nobuwoo music bundle projects and have been seriously enjoying that. Here's hoping you get this hammered out soon. I dunno if I said it already, but if this DOES fall through I'm making a sizable donation to OCR anyways. The big reason I chipped in was just to pay you guys back for all the music, anyways.
  10. I think the thing that has me most on edge is the lack of response from those in charge. I mean, I don't expect to get to know EXACTLY what's going on, but it'd be nice to at least get an inkling of how serious it is. Is this a "Just sit tight, it'll all be fine" issue or a "Petition Square-Enix" issue? I was really pumped for this thing. That aside, if it IS a copyright issue, I know that I'd donate fifty bucks to a "Help OCremix obtain the legal rights to use the soundtrack of FFVI" Kickstarter.
  11. Ooooh, shit, it's gone. Goddammit, it better not have gotten sniped by the Squeenix Lawyer Ninjas. I was seriously looking forward to getting that album. If Mega-Ran can sell his album why can't OCremix do a Kickstarter for one that, regardless of what happens, will be released anyways?
  12. Better yet, buy out a Taco Bell for a day, hold an OCRemix Con.
  13. Holy crap, it's over 500% funded. I wouldn't be surprised if this breaks 100K.
  14. So, yeah. I just chipped in 50 bucks to the Kickstarter, can't wait to see the album. Not only do I love FFVI, but I see this as a way to pay you guys for the FFIV and Badass albums. Can't wait to get a sneak peek come December or whatever!
  15. Eh? You're doing suggestions now? I'm pretty sure this one's a boss theme. If not, this game had other killer fight tracks... Best of luck with the project, I still check in on this every month or so since I loved the first one so much.
  16. Just kidding, mostly. I say take as much time as you need. You know, just as long as it doesn't exceed five years.
  17. I must repay you for this, Prince, if I can call you Prince, because, if not, you certainly deserve to be called it. If you ever require a loyal manservant, I will happily oblige. This... This is like my most wonderful chaotic dream. It's just... Awe-inspiring. And I can't even notice the profanities. That said, this is the BEST Dancing Mad mix I've heard. Well, okay, maybe it's on par with "A Thousand Voices Screaming In Unison" off the Badass album. But that's the only one that, in my opinion, is close to it. So, like I said, this is my new favorite "Dancing Mad" mix and I doubt it will be deposed for some time. Enjoy that album spot you won with the Earthbound Papas. You deserve it.
  18. MUST HAVE THIS REMIX Oh god, I didn't even know there was a part 3... This is great.
  19. Oh, hey, what a coincidence, I just got finished checking the album out, and I was wondering where I could state my thoughts, and here we are! So, I like most of it, but some of the mixes didn't jive right with me. But I'll focus on what I really enjoyed, first. I'm not going to go on for TOO long, since I could probably write a three page review on it, but that's just because I'm wordy and, hell, no one would want to read that. Adam Warrock has never disappointed me, and the Cait Sith track is no exception. In fact, out of the remixes, it MIGHT be my favorite. "Return to Cosmo Canyon..." The old lyrics that Ranger did to the last "Cosmo Canyon" tracks seem to stand out here, for some reason. But it's all fine by the time Ran's lines hit in. Not a bad treatment for my favorite piece from the FFVII OST. "Escape From Shinra Tower"... On one hand, it's FFVIII music on an FFVII album. On the other hand, it's on subject, it's one of my favorite bits from VIII, and it's really good. I definitely like it. "Yuffie" WOULD be one of my faves, but Naomi's completely drowned out by the drums and base. I can barely understand her. Out of the tracks that were heavily remixed, my favorite would be "The Turks." I like the beat and how well it meshes with the lyrics. All in all, it's good, but I don't know if I'm going to buy it. I don't use Bandcamp often, hell, I bought Black Materia off of iTunes. But, you know what, I probably will. Partially because it's only five bucks (!!!) and I like supporting you as an artist, Ran. Hell, if I weren't a college student scraping money for next semester, I'd probably get the Special Edition or the USB. I'm greatly looking forward to your next project, especially if it's Final Fantasy related. Thanks for the tracks.
  20. Hrm. It's hard for me to criticize such a short sample. I mean, I like it, it sounds great and I'm looking forward to how the whole thing will turn out, but, then again, because it IS so short it's hard for me to isolate anything that bugs me. I will say that, for some reason, I don't like the sound of the strings that enter in at :11. That's probably just me and my tastes, though. Sorry if I couldn't give any helpful criticism, but I can say that it sounds pretty promising to me.
  21. This is probably the most anticipated album of the year for me. Glad to hear it'll be out in a couple months. I feel safe that, even though I haven't heard it yet, I can say good job, guys.
  22. Holy crap, Brandon's doing "Eternity"?! I... Just... I... There are no words to explain how happy that makes me. No words. I just hope it's as over-the-top as can be.
  23. I'd leave a message of thanks or of hype, but those samples have melted my poor, fragile brain.
  24. Someday... Someday they'll release software that'll allow you to make music from your mind. Then I'll be able to join the hallowed halls of projects like this. Until then, I'll just have to weep at my lack of skills. WEEP. ... But seriously, good luck, you guys. If it's anything like the last one, it will blow away minds and expectations.
  25. How... Just HOW does EVERY MIX of this I hear end up being good?! Ass-kicking-ly so, even! HOW?! What, what is wrong- No, what is RIGHT with you people?! At this rate, I'll have fifty mixes of a song from a game I never played!!! Faux panic aside, this track really is good. For me it was a personal third best of the album (And in an album this good, that's saying something), but I can easily see this being the topper for someone. In my opinion, it JUST falls short of the mix off of "Heroes VS. Villains", since that one had mind-melting trickery, but only barely so. This is definitely one I'll continue listening to in the future.
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