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FF8 - The Man With The Machine Gun (Dirtydelay Remix)


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Hi, today i begining a new remix.It's not finished but i want get the mix better and better for propose the track to Oc Remix. = )

There missing some solo improvisation, some string synth and drums. And i didn't made the construction yet.

Well I expect you will enjoy the track anyway.


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This is the year of Laguna, I just know it. I think this is the 7th one I've seen up on here, now. Don't worry, I'm not holding that against you in any way - it's just that good of a source, lol.

Onto the mix!

Alright, the production isn't too bad on this one (although it's shy of the DKC track posted on here earlier). The side chaining is quite distracting in this track - it needs to be toned down a bit, there. That or make it more consistent with a solid beat - it's very distracting when it's used for the more syncopated rhythms in the bass drums.

Speaking of drums, that snare is very weak, in this track. Get some strength in there - I literally can't hear it in 90% of the track. Understandably this is a WIP, but those drums are quite dry. Try spicing them up with more hats throughout the song or something (I hear the breakdown using hats, but the rest of the song lasts too long without anything interesting).

PLEASE check your arrangement and compare it with the source - 1:35 & 3:03 are quite off, there. Compare it to the source again and fix it.

The arrangement itself is a bit on the conservative side, here. Too much so for OCR, atm. It's still a WIP, so be willing to change the source around and play with it a little bit more.

The sound is fairly plain, right now, but I've already seen what you can do with a track. You have a framework to work from now, so expand on it and beef out the sound. I'll be listening.

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I agree with Gario. Give some life to that snare. Add some gain around 150 Hz and 2.5 Khz. The kick sounds a little off, but not timing. Try EQ'ing or using a different patch to get it to sit a little better. Also, 3:05 - 3:13 sounds out of key, so I would look into that. But still a great start. A little production work and I think it will be OCR ready.:smile:

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How did I miss this? I'm not up to my usual trolling.

Anyways, my first thought it that it's really conservative. I hear pretty much the midi set to new instrument. Don't be afraid to play with the parts you like. I like most of the changes you made to it. I'm working on structure and sound of mine, but pretty much hit a wall. :banghead:

The driving force of this starts to wear on me after a bit. Too samie, just thud thud thud thud. Weak/no hats, and other than the melody, not much going on to keep me interested.

There are a few sour places that sound off: Wrong notes/keys off.

Hope that helps :350:

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