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Song of Storms in a folk/jazz style


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I've had this mix kicking around for a few months and after seeing a thread with a Song of Storms remix in, I remembered I should probably post it!

I'm not going to sub this to OCR, I'm just posting it to get it "out there" in case anyone fancies a listen. I have actually taken the source and mixed it with an old folk song called the "Skye boat song", inspired as I was whilst watching Dexter and hearing it played on a Spanish guitar in the background. I believe this would probably disqualify me from posting based on OCR's guidelines (borrowing extensively from non-game source), but it might be interesting to know if this would be allowed should I decide to update it. There's also a bit of embellishment on my part to extend the length a bit.

A disclaimer of sorts - it was made in Garageband, so the production isn't great (although GB does have a pretty good set of tools built in if you really want to spend time with it), and all the samples are from GB as well.

So, hope you enjoy it :)

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I'd say this wouldn't get on ocr for being too conservative with the source., and that the sax and guitar aren't expressive and human enough. More intricate work in the sequencing and expression/modulation cc should solve that. The melodies are nicely interpreted but for most part they're following the original a bit too closely, I think. You have the same backing throughout most of the song, which would also get in the way of getting on ocr. Too repetitive. Not familiar with the sky boat song thing, so it sounds to me like just another liberal solo part. Not sure how extensive it'd count as, and how much of an issue it'd be for ocr.

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