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Scott Pilgrim vs The World Soundtrack Goes Old School


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not really sure what this is all about but

"Once we decided to go for the old school, side scrolling, beat ‘em up style with Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Video Game, we wanted to go all in! We brought in pixel artist extraordinaire Paul Robertson.

The next step was creating an amazing soundtrack. We immediately thought of Brooklyn chiptune rockers, Anamanaguchi. They wowed us (and 5,000 others) at PAX and really captured the sound we wanted for the game. Here, the guys share their favorite songs from the game."

there are short samples of the game music on the page


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the 4 guys in anamanaguchi are really nice guys and this was a really cool thing for them to be a part of

oh and yes they make excellent music too

i was talking to their drummer once about a buncha stuff and ocr came up and i asked if they ever thought of throwing together a remix for here and he said theyll probably always stick to original stuff

oh well

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