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Seeking violinist for Zelda-themed track


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Hey, I'm very new here, but I've been starting to get involved in OCR's great (albeit a little quiet) community. I whipped up my second track and posted it in the workshop for feedback. One of the suggestions was to replace my violin sample with a real violin. I know the track is rough because I'm new, but the idea of having a real violinist truly humanize the violin part I wrote excites me to no end, so I hope someone can eventually help me :)

This is a song inspired by elements from the Song of Time and very, very loosely the Wind Waker title theme. I wanted the violin part to sound similar to Makar's in WW.. not sure if it turned out that way, but I think a violinist will be able to see the direction I was taking with it.

This is the newest revision I have: http://soundcloud.com/exobyte/hero-of-wind-of-time-wip-revision-1

I'll check back here once a day or so for any replies. If you need a specialized export of the song to work with, let me know. You can also e-mail me at zeelong@att.net . I really, really, REALLY appreciate any help. I would totally offer pay if I could, but that's just not possible at this time in college. Hopefully a huge e-hug will do :]

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Shoot over a midi of the violin part or sheet music, etc and I'll let you know if I can do something, although my hands are tied until next thursday due to med exams >.>

I saw this in the WIP forum, the only thing I was unsure about was how high up the violin was, only thing I'd worry about as as performer is making sure it wasn't too shrill/piercing so it didn't cut the softer background to shreds, but on a second listen doesn't seem too high up =)

Being in college sure does suck haha, no money here also T_T

Oh yes, also if anyone more experience with playing/recording can make this sound better than me then go for it, I'll happily step aside and not subject everyone to my playing lol

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Wow, that was a heck of a fast reply. I'll definitely send you a MIDI once I.. you ready for this?.. learn how to make MIDIs. Lol. I'm sure I'll have it by the end of the day if not tomorrow, though. If there's one thing I know about me.. it's that I can figure stuff out.. as long as it's not math-related. Anyway, I'll send it through PM. Hopefully that's OK.

I think I'm gonna start a little trend here... you start by saying "I'm so new at OCR..." and end up with something like "I'm so new at OCR that I don't know how to make a MIDI!".. or "I'm so new at OCR that I put me some reverbs on my Slayer solo!"

Or I could just shut up now :)

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After some discussion with neblix, I think we've come to agree that the mix needs either a fresh start or dropped completely. I'm leaning toward the latter as I'm realizing more and more that I'm interested in doing actual OCR-style remixes anyway.

I might be here 6 months or 10 years, but I'm pretty determined to have one song posted :) So not too many originals or 'loose' remixes from me from now on. Thanks for offering to help, Chris, and I'll definitely keep you in mind for the future.

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