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OCR02135 - *YES* Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 'Transient Shadows'


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Remixer: Willrock

Game Remixed: Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past

Source Remixed: Dark World -Remix Name: Transient Shadows


(like you guys don't know this one already :P)


This all started off with listening to lots of zircon music, and listening to the awesome sound he gets out of his drums. So I heard that he layers lots of different samples together to create a powerful drum kit, which I do on occasion, but this time I tried layering more stuff down and got a powerful drum sound which was the foundation for this remix.

Emunator deserves credit for naming the remix (took him about two seconds, wish I could name things that fast)

Hope you guys dig :P

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Pretty easy decision for me. Nice personalization both rhythmically, structurally and melodically. Definitely got a great sound, REALLY nice drums. If you're gonna copy someone Zircon is pretty much THE guy. ;) Nice soloing as per usual. This time around I also thought pretty much ALL your sounds were a perfect fit too, something that wasn't always the case before.

Crisp, clear, interpretive and positively face melting. Two thumbs and my big toe up!


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I think these drums are actually working way better than your normal semi-real sound you use. Definitely something you may want to explore further, because it is definitely working for you.

The source is very prominent, with the exception of some really nice breaks and transition sections. Drums solo was cool and unexpected, and of course the synth solo was badass. I would actually demand my money back if a Willrock track didn't have a great solo, but so far it's always been there.

Ending ramped up the excitement really well into a great finish.

Classy stuff dude, I think you've started to step it up. :-)


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