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*NO* Final Fantasy 8 'Man with the Golden Machine Gun'

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Remixer: Gario

Real Name: Greg Nourse

E-mail: Clay_nourse@yahoo.com

Website: (n/a)

User ID: 22898

Song: http://www.box.net/shared/o22g2j6ceq

Game Arranged: Final Fantasy VIII

Song Arranged: Man with the Machine Gun

Composer: Nobuo Uematsu

System: Psx

Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a2vpqd9gKXk

(NOTE: If this is not accepted, for any reason, I would appreciate it if there was a link to my mix in the rejection thread - I don't mind cutting the link from my end if I get too much traffic... It's always helpful for people to hear a rejected mix and understand why it was rejected)

Alright, time for another submission, out of the blue. Get this, there were three Laguna remixes that popped up in the WIP forums in the span of a week or two, and I thought it would be funny to jump on that band wagon and throw a fourth one out there. In the short period of time that I spent on the song it came out incredibly well, so I spent about a day to touch up the mixing and mastering and send it your way. The mix leans on the conservative side, but I believe there's enough spice to keep it interesting. It's bouncy, catchy and is true to the theme of the original. I haven't had this much fun wit a mix in a long time, so I hope that shows in this song.

And don't mind Laguna in the background - he wanted to give it a shot (from his machine gun) and lend me a hand (grenade) while I was writing this, and who am I to tell him no?

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Like you said, the arrangement is on the conservative side. There are some nice melodic lines in the woodwinds and similar to spice things up though. Some decent variation of the main melody too. Still, the song stays close to the original genre and sound which makes it more conservative than it could've been. I do like the synth solos though and there are some nice drop-offs and build-ups.

Production falls a bit short. The mix is very centered with little-to-no panning being present except on the instruments way in the background. There's a distinct lack of bass frequencies which makes the remix sound a bit flimsy. There's also a lot of airyness from what sounds like a reverb put on most instruments, it helps muddy up the track even more.

The sounds used were varied both in terms of sound and quality. I liked the introduction of the orchestral elements in the background but most instruments occupied a similar frequency space so it wasn't as clear as it could've been. I thought some of the backing trance synths were a bit on the generic side but liked the chiptune additions.

Overall this track is close to passing in my opinion but the fact that it's a bit conservative coupled with the production issues makes it hard for me to pass it. I suggest revisiting this with fresh ears and try to polish it up a little bit more! Keep up the good work.


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This isn't a bad mix, but I feel like it could use a meatier bassline and more bass presence in general. It's really top-heavy.

Arrangement isn't bad, but kind of on the conservative side. Synths are pretty generic, but I like the chippier arpeggiated stuff. Drums sound like they're on auto-pilot; not a lot of variation aside from that solo section around 2:15, and even then there's no real transition into them. Need some more fills and things in addition to the clapping embellishments.

Solo section is nice but I think this piece needs some more polish.

NO, but please resub

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I think I could pretty much quote Mattias on this one. There is a lot of cool stuff that you added to the mix, but it is very coverish. If the samples were fantastic, and everything else was perfect, it might have a chance as is. Right now there needs to be more variation to the source stuff. I think you can tweak some things to get some cool arrangement in there. Also, the ending is pretty weaksauce to me. It just....stops. Fix that up please.

The overall lack of bass really exposes the samples a lot more. I think they would be ok with some foundation, but they aren't the strongest samples in the world. Again, I can agree with Another Soundscape that the reverb is making things a bit unclear. Panning the instruments will also help make things more distinct.

Personally, the gun samples weren't doing it for me, but that's personal taste.

Get this one fixed up and resumbit, it's pretty close! NO (resubmit)

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