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Final Fantasy XI - Airship Remix


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Remix Title: Modairnizing (Modernizing with 'Air')

Original Song Link:

Remix Link: http://tindeck.com/listen/mrwk

Remix was Requested by AJ-enova here: http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=18881

Ok, so I'm working on a Retro Dance Remix from the Airship theme (FFXI).

I dislike to post WIP's that are quite short, so you're all getting a full length WIP!

What I'm looking for is feedback and critics.

Hopefully people will also like some parts, but basically I wanna know if the flow works and nothing falls behind.

1:23-1:37 is a little part I'm not satisfied about yet.

I know it's not OCR worthy, I'm not aiming for that. Tips about quality etc are welcome, but keep the previous in mind please!


-edit: Updated to a kinda Final Version. Still gonna fix some stuff but the arrangement is mostly done. Download here http://tindeck.com/listen/mrwk

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This is pretty far from the original in terms of style and overall sound choices, but the source is here and it sounds pretty good to me so far.

I really love when the main melody kicks in at 0:56 with that lofi lead. Very pleasant nostalgic moment right here.

I'm not versed enough in either this genre or the prod aspect to delve on that, so I leave it to the people who know to give harsher crits. ;)

A whole box of kudos for, once again, giving some love to the FFXI soundtrack. Keep it up!

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Sweet.. sounds like an enhanced version of the original. I've heard the tune a million times as a past FFXI player, so this is so.. so refreshing.

I really don't know what else to say.. as far as arrangements and samples and so forth it sounds good to me as an average listener. Kudos.

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Wow! A request I made ages ago has been noticed XD

I like the pacing of but the layers seem to blur together. You should try making each part sound more distinct. Like the bass beat could sound a bit softer, and the main melody a bit more noticable, things like that.

But overall very good :) Thanks for this lol you've given me a good start to a day :D

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