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Famicompo Mini 7 is over!


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overcoat thanks for that rar, i needed something like that.

yet again i'm floored by the number of great songs. 40th place here we come :D

EDIT: problem with the covers though. the entry numbers have been re-arranged to suit the song title order, rather than vice versa. i'm not sure how that's being dealt with when it comes to voting but i assumed it was the text file that was wrong rather than the song order. could end up with people voting for the wrong songs. careful...

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there will be a sync-listen in #mod_shrine on EsperNet (irc.esper.net) starting at 10:00PM GMT ~ less than 10 hours time.

for the IRC oblivious, use mibbit, find EsperNet, type #mod_shrine and a name, and you're done. no nsf players/plugins required since it's gonna be videostreamed anyway. GOOD DAY.

EDIT: was crazy and awesome last night. you can watch a stream of it here - http://www.justin.tv/surasshu/b/269441080 - there's a delay between the music and the conversation unfortunately but it's better than nothing.

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