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Iced Puppet album ver.


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yes ice cap and panic puppet ''NOT TWINKLE PARK''. no............not another icecap :puppyeyes:


a progressive / deep house arrangement and by my self and Jabond on guitar track.


Feed back would be lovely ;-)

Please use headphones :) (moniters are cool too :o )

2/25 Edit might as well mod review it :P.

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Dude, some patience. :P

Frequency balance is a bit weird, mostly due to the drums' production, at least for what the intro implies this track is. Bass drum is interesting, it's got bass but it feels like that's all it's got. Has a bit of a lounge feel to it, which is cool, tho less aggressive bass drum and side chain stuff would probably work better. Then again, the hard processing fits the part after the guitar solo fairly well, so idunno. The snare is dry, short, and needs to be more... Needs to be more. Voice clips just bother me, but that's personal bias.

The distorted rhythms don't work, there's too much of a disparity between them and the rest of the instrumentation.

Arrangement is... lacking, imo. Not in that it's not a cool track. The source just feels added to it, not part of the actual arrangement. At least the Ice Cap part, which I (and probably everyone around here) recognize. Ending... didn't feel like an ending. Feels more like you ran out of stuff to add so you faded out the part you had. Needs a better ending.

It's a cool style, but needs to be better integrated with the source. I could be wrong, seeing as I don't know the other source you used. Cool style, cool track, probably needs to be built on source to work. Nice work tho. :D

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thanks guys,thaught the thread was closed.

hmmm,Frequency........ well if you mean the band pass wobble bass i did the early part of the song?(to lazy to make one on my voyager ;p)

I used the ice cap chords prog but removed some notes and replaced some the last two chords of the progression, my bud just realized that it was the ice cap chords8O the second source is panic puppet

or you can call it old twinkle park : P

well theres 3 sources, the choa race theme for sonic adventure to when it says '' spin in the wax'' and stuff. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_YgRZQUmqo&feature=related

as for the kick........two diff opinions on kick, but my neblix is on spot on my last unposted revision. there was a more heavy kick that just fustrated the sidechaining and added distortion so i lowed it.

as for the ending..... still to meny mixed opinions :o

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The kick could spawn its own thread. Basically, I don't think it's what you wanted, and it's not what neblix thinks it should be, but I think it could work. Not sure how well it'll work in this context, that's completely up to you and the sound you're going for. It has bass, and it has definition. If you want it to be more aggressive, you need, as neblix put it, more kick, more of the frequencies above the oomph and below the click. ;)

As for the frequency thing, read up on what frequency means in a mixing context. :P

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duuuuuuude.... I "used headphones" as you requested and I was personally swept away (but I'm already a fan of this type of music... so that may be biased). there are some very awesome stereo vibes pumping through this mix!

I don't think the guitar thing in the middle is relevant to the style, but the shifts from Ice Cap to Panic Puppet were very slick.

Overall it's perfect for a rave, but as an OCR it seem too long in getting to the point and building up to the melodies.

8/10 (only because it drags after a while)

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heres update #2, tell me what you guys think, i redid the mixing and ranges in this master and widend some of the highs. and this version does not have a guitar lead.


**note** this got rejected for sub cause they think its a midi drone when this sounds almost nothing like the source's cords (well a bit but hard to notice) >: ( but i wana fix this up for an small album im making, so please feed back on improvement**

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This is the album vers. for this track.......

* Optimized for headphones and moniter :D *


I would resub this, but this type of deep house is basicly not good for ocr cause of repetition and other things.

also if anyone has any idea's that are good to add more ice cap source tell me so this can be submittable (altho doing that will diminish the deephouse aspect of this track, and the main already good structure XD)

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