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Siamey Song Dump


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Hey all, long time, hope everyone is well!

I thought I would throw down a folder of some recent tracks I've made

First we have a mix of Float Island theme from Kirby's Dreamland (GB) and Yoshi's win theme from Super Mario Kart (SNES)


Next we have a mix of 2 themes from Gameboy Camera and one of my own themes I threw overtop to keep it interesting.


Next is a short remix of Without Regret by Zircon from his Antigravity album. I used some chopped slices of Warhead's drum track in

the second half of the song, I hope this is alright with him. I forget what the download license was on the remix pack.


Next is a short remix of Flying Battery Zone from Sonic & Knuckles, complete with a ton of game sfx a la tricky swamp style.


Next up is a remix of a Neshi Futuro song, Spinback. I did this for Inspired Records but the label (or someone else like their

distributer, according to them) f-ed up the online distro so it is the wrong track for sale. As a result no one is able to purchase

this. So take it and spread it around if you like it.


Last but not least is my remix of Spinal Chord by Dan Stone. This one was also done for Inspired Records and was distributed properly by them, so if you like it, you can get it at beatport and itunes and wherever else.

I'm pretty sure I'm allowed to post this in C-disc but if not plz move me to WIP I guess.

I've ditched the Siamey name, just going by my real name. If I submit to ocr again it'll be under Siamey though, since they already did me the favor of 1 name change in the past.

Thanks for listening guys!

edit: look forward for an extended mix of TimeShock, and several housey electroy mixes of megaman 8 and dkc2!

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