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Various Remixes (electrohouse)


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Edit: new Deadmau5 remix! Check it out:



more glitchy electro house for your enjoyment

Hey everybody, didn't figure this needed the full gen-disc treatment so I'll just leave it here for anybody interested.

Some new (non) game remixes are up from me, 2 for remix contests and a couple just for fun.

Beatportal's Call Me remix contest:


Like most of my stuff this is really aggressive - I'd call this Electostep as it incorporates some dub bass sounds. oh boy

...wait till 3:50 for something special.

Fedde le Grand's contest:


Not as aggressive, but still hard hitting and definitely fun.

2 more unofficial remixes are available on my site: http://prototyperaptor.bandcamp.com/album/remixes

one of "We are not Gentlemen" that is quite Mau5y

and one of VNV Nation's Chrome that is a vocal track with some electro influences - it's interesting.

all of the songs are available for download at my side, with the fedde le grand mix coming up as soon as the uploader decides to work.

comments are welcomed, votes are appreciated, just plain listening is also ok


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Dude I wish I had your focus to improve. My a.d.d. is sooo bad that it takes forever for me to accomplish anything ;_;, but anyways to the tracks. They're all fuckin amazing I'm especially in love with "Call Me" I was listenin to it on my way to school on the bus one time and when 3:50 came around I was like oommmg and everyone started lookin at me like I was crazy haha.

I then decided to listen to this while high. Good surround sound I thought there was a helicopter during that one section that plays that sound effect. I can tell you that I was definitely tripped out listenin to this xD.

But yeah good stuff man you need to hurry up and make that video so I can learn your techniques =D.

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So I just finished up a new remix of Deadmau5's 'Sofi Needs A Ladder' for Beatport's remix contest - check it out!



it's glitchy, fidgety, electroy, and all other kinds of adjectives and adverbs

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I would pay to get my shit to sound like yours. Whether it's your orchestral music or anything else that you do. I have the confidence that I'll get there but it'll take forever as my a.d.d. kills me =(.

Anyways deadmau5 remix is top notch, amazing stuff, if you don't win any of these compos then I don't know what peoples deal are xD.

P.S. Get that video constructed I need to see your techniques performed lol.

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