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OCR02192 - *YES* Pokémon Diamond Version 'Bullet for My Piloswine'


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Remixers: halc, Protodome, Willrock

Name Of Remix: Bullet For My Piloswine

Game Remixed: Pokemon Gold and Silver, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl

Sources Remixed: Route 225, Gold and Silver Staff Roll


, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rHxy6XMN64Q



There was a remixer called Blake

Who said: “In a collab I’ll partake!”

It wasn’t long,

Before Willrock made the song,

And Blake and halc took a break.


What originally started as three

Ended up near the end with just me

Because halc and proto

Got lost outside johto

And left me with credits you see


arises a proposition to me

to join a collab of three

i made a few bloops

and sliced a few loops

and made my escape you see


- Route 225

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rHxy6XMN64Q&feature=player_embedded - End Credits

The quote at the beginning.....is weird. I'm assuming it's from the anime.

Plenty of good stuff going on here. The arrangement is thoughtful and energetic, goes through a variety of styles with nice transitions. Towards the end of the song I was finding the themes to be just a little repetitive, but it might also be a problem with multiple listens. The ending also isn't the strongest, but I am trying to be picky here.

Sounds and balance are fine. Very obvious that you all played to your strengths, so no complaints there.

Nice work. YES

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Nice take on the themes, and interesting how the style changes. It's like you can hear the spots where proto and halc got bored and left poor Willrock to finish things up. I think it would have been stronger overall if all three had worked on at least the very end, to bring it full circle, but it's still a pretty great piece of music. Some of the earlier lead playing sounded a little flat, but it wasn't off enough to kill it for me.

Cool idea, nice semi-collab, and overall i'm feelin it.


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Good job with including such a variety of sounds in this without it sounding too ragtag. The transitions are good and it didn't sound like a bunch of sections pasted together. Good dynamics and overall song flow. This was a fine collab.

The snare tone didn't quite fit the song - I think something heavier would have sounded better - but that was a very minor nitpick.


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The quotes the beginning were too quiet.

Will had that meh snare drum he generally uses, but it's was only half-bad this time. Not a terrible fit as it has been in some past stuff. The rest of his stuff was gold. His influence on this definitely had a very cheesy feel. Pretty manic take on these themes, a lot of people will be feeling this, but it won't be for everyone.

I thought the sequenced piano stuff from 2:07-2:19 was a brief but big low point as far as the execution. Way too fake and unrealistic sounding. Y'all shouldn't have let that slide, given how talented you guys are.

That's all I gotta say. Good work, Pokemanz!


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