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Recommended world music sound packs?

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Well, it's that time again. Looking to spend some clams on yet another sound library.

Now, I'm guessing the genre I'm referring to is called "world music" because that's all I ever here it called. With instruments like pan flutes and taiko drums and what not. Even hammer dulcimers or lutes. I could really use a library of instruments like that. Anyone have any recommendations? Don't worry about price at the moment.

Thanks I greatly appreciate it!

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For various plucked/percussive instruments, check this out - $50 for a big bundle!


You can also check out the ethnic collections that bustatunez and I have recorded with Impact Soundworks:


If you want TAIKOs, check out 9volt Audio's Stick Breakers Vol 2 Ten Man Taiko, and their TAIKO library, both great and complimentary libraries. They're also coming out with a Shime-Daiko library as well.

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It's hard to go past Quantum Leap's RA for this type of thing. I've used it on quite a lot of game soundtracks (I'd be lost without it, to be honest) and I heartily recommend it.

RA is great.

for ethnic instrumentation in general, i use a lot of ueberschall's The Resource packs. pretty much everything they make is gold, but there's a LOT of good loops in there that are very flexible.

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