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How do you enjoy your music? Speakers, headphones, what?

Mad Lust Envy

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I feel dirty. I chose convince over quality these days.

Been using Motorola HT820s (stereo bluetooth headset :mrgreen: ) for awhile now and just love them. Yeah bluetooth audio quality sucks, but man is it just handy. I can listen to music from my netbook, take calls from my phone and easily switch my music over to my phone. Charge lasts about a week with moderate use which is more than enough for me. They make you look like a bit of a geek though, which is fine by me!

I do miss my PX100s. Best bang for your buck IMO. Those babies saw a lot of wear and tear. They didn't stand a chance against my friends new puppy...

For my speaker setup on my media center it's a 5.1 system with a low range Sony receiver. Speakers are some older Athenas. My workstation uses an old Cambridge Soundworks 5.1 system that's still kicking.

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I'm probably going to either get props for this, or a lot of hate. But, c'est la vie...

I was digging through my old stuff and found a pair of headphones in the box that my Game Boy came in. That is, the original, grey brick Game Boy. The headphones were in mint condition, but considering everything else that came with them wasn't, there was no harm in breaking them open and using them. Not like I would have earned enough on eBay to get a decent set of headphones, anyway...

I've been using them for the better part of 5 years. They work really well. The left earpiece is cracked now, so I'll probably have to replace them soon. I'll invest in a more high-quality piece when I have the money for it, but for my purposes, these work fine.

When I'm alone and nobody can hear me, I'll unplug the headphones and use my laptop's speakers, which are actually pretty good.

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Okay, so my Fiio E9 full-sized amp came in. Man, it is AWESOME. It can power my AKG K701 and DT990/600ohm quite well, and the amp is very neutral/transparent, so it doesn't color the sound, giving you a pretty much crystal clean picture of how your headphones are supposed to sound.

This is gonna become a very popular amp in the future, I guarantee. Paired with the E7 (docked on top), you get a spectacular amp+dac for $200 together. Anyone using their basic onboard soundcards would cry if they heard what a gap in quality a good amp/dac does to their headphones.

I'm loving it!

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I'll bet you are.

I'm strongly considering throwing down the $100 for a E7. Since I need a new phone anyway, thinking of going iphone + getting a dock line out cable (i can't find any other phone that offers unadulterated line out) and that way I could use the thing as a DAC with my laptop and as an amp when i'm on the go.

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