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  1. ...Uh, anyone? It's on the Nick website, so I'm assuming at least one person other than me has watched the incredibly awesome episode. Anyone? Aaaanyone?
  2. I was registering a name for Ragnarok Online many years back and decided to pick something at random from the dictionary. I opened to the "T" section, since it was the most common after S (and S seemed too feminine for my tastes) and immediately saw a picture of a thylacine. I made the name and stuck with it, thinking nothing of it, but later learned that this vicious-looking creature had been humbled by extinction. So, whenever I try to make myself a character that's a healer (or am in an area where I want to be on my best behavior), I use the name Thylacine. It reminds me that even the strong and the dangerous can lose everything, so it's better to do right in this world and have no regrets about things.
  3. Oh, thanks for the birthday wish! :D

  4. I entered via the Garrison, so it's fixed. It looks like we can have chairs, tables, and plants in the main room. Other people have added expansions to theirs already, and those are quite... elaborate. Like Top Gun, that list might be higher for a high-ranked individual. For what it's worth: -We can sit in chairs and sleep in beds. So, if we made a half-effort lobby, it could function in the way I had imagined... Only no music. -Auction house, Vatel (green Stranger merchant), alchemy booths, and what appears to be a storage locker are all possible furniture. They can be placed in blank rooms, which can be "named" whatever we wish. -The only items we can buy at the moment for that main room are chairs, tables, and shrubs. Those cost around 12,500 crowns a pop, coming from our guild finances. I don't think we pay upkeep on furniture. -Pretty much everything Top Gun said back in the earlier post. Unfortunately, the upkeep is roughly 15,000 crowns per expansion weekly (the timer says six days from now, so Wednesday is when we pay rent). That exhausts our guild coffers in under a month. Since we're a starter guild, we don't pay anything. If the furniture rule holds, we could make a nice hang-out area for cheap. I haven't touched anything in the way of decoration, but I added 1,000 crowns. I looked around for a way to change colors/themes, but that's looking like it's not possible. As I said before, I wouldn't mind something simple. If we threw a couple of shrubs at the sides of the guild console door, set up a few seats in the middle, and put a table or two alongside them, I'd be thrilled. I don't think that'll cost us "upkeep." I see from the listing that snipes are available. Perhaps a lazy (table-set) or wandering white one? Maybe some light beacons in the lower corners? Not demanding. Just tossing ideas out.
  5. Ah, I see. I never did like how effortlessly that was stated.But my original point still stands: it's all a ripoff at this point. We're just noticing this because the presumed inspiration is still alive.
  6. Well, the thing I always hear is that Pokemon was technically a ripoff of Digimon (that happened to beat Digimon to the United States). So, really, it doesn't matter if you hunted these things with a shotgun - people WILL make the Pokemon comparisons regardless because it's got the stink of "Gotta Catch 'Em All" all over it.
  7. I don't know what it is about Yahtzee's play-through descriptions that make them so great, but it's his best material. It's self-depreciating, hyperbolic to the perfect point, and accessible regardless of if you've played the game or not. The DayZ review was hilarious. EDIT (9/19): Yahtzee was at the Escapist Expo for some panels, which they linked here. There was no traditional ZP this week.
  8. Aside from an economy regulator, though, it does mean we'll have to think carefully about what we're putting into the guild hall because it will demand tributes on a regular basis. As fun as a snipe garden would be, would we want to buy (and pay upkeep for) that for our hall? ...I've been playing Guild Wars 2 and just recently saw the SK guild update was happening, okay? I know I was one of the most gung-ho about that update, and this game got put on the backburner when my life started to happen again. I'm still very interested in this. I'd like music to be our central focus in that hall, if we have hall updates that reflect that. Perhaps an NPC of some type so at least one "living" thing is in there at all time?
  9. 'Bout time we got this game covered. I've only been asking about it since I got on OCR years ago. I was very impressed with this. My favorite remixes are the ones where the source material takes a back seat to artistry and a unique listening experience, and that's totally this song. This remix is also one of the few on the website where the vocals are critical to the listening experience; I don't think I would have enjoyed this quite as much without the vocalists (even though the guitar is quite nice). Both singers should be very proud of their work. A fantastic listen.
  10. Wow, Yahtzee was pretty serious and still made me laugh. It was a nice contrast to the Quantum Conundrum review (which also made me laugh, but in the usual Yahtzee way).
  11. If you've never heard of this game, it's important to state that music (including OCR songs) can be made into stages.The nice thing about this sale is that my computer sort of sucks, so I can get the cheap $2.50 games but things like L.A. Noire won't work, so I don't totally cave to pressure. How "lucky" for me. Final hour of Mirror's Edge sale. I'd be on that had I not already owned it.
  12. Majora's Mask. This scene --> I don't know what it is: The crowd cheering for him. Darmani's tears. That nod of acceptance at his own death. I just always realize that even when all is said and done, and Link saves the Gorons, Darmani is dead and he won't be coming back to that loving community. I don't think any video game death leading up to that had quite as much impact for me. The Zelda series, as a whole, handles the issue of loss really well.
  13. Ugh, I hope they don't do that. Stories like this always make at least one person in the love triangle evil or unlikable, and that's... not realistic. Asami abandoned her only remaining family to do the right thing; there's not a whole lot of "dark side" to her aside from being a non-bender who is intimately familiar with Equalist equipment. If there's anyone "dark" in that triangle, it's Ko--...Let me start that sentence over. If there's anyone who was in the wrong in that triangle, it's Korra. She made a move on a taken guy, led on his brother, and just generally mishandled the situation. Mako's no saint, either, but Asami doesn't strike me as petty enough to start a war with benders over a guy (who is, himself, a bender). I hold to either of my two predictions from my whited-out comments on the last page: Bolin or Iroh II. Asami with either of them would make a measure of sense.
  14. I was pretty moved by Iroh II thanking Aang at the end of the fight. It was a funny scene, but hearing Dante Basco's voice say it gave the scene such a deep meaning. It felt like Zuko was thanking him across generations. I don't know if that was intentional, but not a lot of things can make me feel choked up like that. So, yeah, Book 2 needs to hurry. And I'm now wondering if they're going to set up Asami with either Bolin or Iroh. Iroh would make more sense personality-wise, but Bolin and Asami spent more time together. In either case, won't be as much of a train wreck as the Mako/Asami relationship, so at least there's that. Man, that was uncomfortable to watch.
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