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OCR02244 - *YES* Sonic the Hedgehog 'Clockwork Criminal'


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Remixer: Willrock

Name Of Remix: Clockwork Criminal

Game Remixed: Sonic The Hedgehog (1991)

Sources Remixed: Scrap Brain Zone



I was a little late to finding out about the sonic 1 project and as a result all the tracks were taken when found out about it. However, due to some fortune scrap brain zone was put up for claiming and halc came to me and asked me if I'd like to claim it.

This remix started when I grabbed alot of sonic sfx samples and started to mess around with them to form a basis for my drum groove.

From there I just let the music flow out and came up with something pretty funky compared to the original which is probably a something between michael jackson, streets of rage music and added chiptune elements.

Source Breakdown:

0:00 - 0:30 Intro

0:30 - 1:01 - (Source) Verse Section

1:01 - 1:16 - Riff Section

1:16 - 1:32 - (Source) Chorus Section

1:32 - 2:18 - Breakdown (29 Sec Source)

2:18 - 2:33 - Solo

2:33 - 2:48 - Chorus Break Section

2:48 - 3:19 - (Source) Chorus Section

3:19 - 3:28 - End

Source total - 1:47 seconds (51% source)

Don't post before project release.

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I think that despite the low amount of source in here, this comes across pretty instantly as Sonic music. Some of it is the sound affects, but a lot of it is the style you approached it with, and how often you return to the source. I love the funky feel throughout. I wish there had been a bit more dynamic variation, because the track feels just a little static at times, and that could have helped, but it is pretty minor. Production is nice, as well as the overall balance.

Funktastic. YES

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Probably the most chippy song i've heard from Will, and it works pretty well, though I can't help but think it could have been taken a little further.

The breakdown was really cool, and the arrangement was solid, but it seemed a little on the lofi end. I think the arrangement carried it well enough, but some higher fidelity sounds would have helped it along.

The use of SFX as percussion, while not a new idea, worked really well here, and gave it a lot more interest than it'd otherwise have.

Close call for me, but Yes

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Pretty easy YES for me. The percussion in this is awesome, blending the game FX with more standard drum samples. It's a really sprightly arrangement. I should note that Will sold himself a little short on source usage - the background melody at 0:04 in the source is used and modified in the riff sections. 2:33-2:48 is also something I'd count, those chords are unmistakable. Another humdinger from Will!


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