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Maridian Nights (Super Metroid Sandy Area)


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OMG OMG OMG, Gario writes purely orchestral music!? Yup - in fact, I personally prefer to write for the orchestra over writing electronic music. I just don't have the tools to make it sound good, right now :cry:.

This has been sitting around my computer for about a year, so I decided to share. It was made for a project with orchestral Metroid remixes, and now I decided to share it with you guys here.

This isn't and was never meant for OCR, so don't worry about it's conservative nature or poor quality. It was made on Sibelius with the onboard Sibelius soundfont (which isn't good, but it's a touch above GM). If anyone wants to upgrade the soundfont to something a little more pleasant just let me know here and I can send you the files :mrgreen:. I'm personally not going to update it, though, nor am I going to spend any time rearranging it for any reason - it's finished, in my book. I don't mind feedback, though (as long as it's about the orchestration/arrangement, that is - sample quality will be a redundant statement :???:).

Alright, enjoy. You can't have enough Super Metroid mixes :-D. If you want the sib file/score/midi just let me know.

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Agreed, Sibelius has a lousy soundfont (what, tuba and trombone share the same playback channel? Equally distressing is the lack of muted brass. Screw you, Kontact Player!).

I really dig most of this. The intro is far too cliche orchestral writing for my tastes, but some of the stuff in the middle (~1:13 for example) makes up for it. I have to say I'm not a big fan of the major sections (1:54 and 2:58). They strike me as being completely out of character with the rest of the piece. Some low, ominous trombones might be more appropriate.

That flute, glock, piano stuff, though? Awesome.

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