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OoT - Deku Tree in 5/4 and FF7 - Nanaki acoustic


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these are only very short demos right now.


I just thought of and recorded this. I'm curious what people think of it being in 5/4. You won't recognize the source at first.


This is part of a larger medley. The medley combines the three different versions of Nanaki's theme from the game. This except is of the part when you first meet him, then it goes into the main theme after and fades out. It's only guitar and banjo right now. it's just a sample I guess ...


deku tree:

nanaki, starts at 0:38:


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pretty cool the writing and playing is fine id work on the overall eq, especially on the deku tree so many basses making the eq very pitchy in the mid bass bet its peaking around 400hz. try taking out some of the low end on the melody lines it just needs more space you could try applying some stereo widening to the treble of the melodies to thicken it up but dont go wild with it overall i like it

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For the OoT, one.

Yep the Bass is way over power, and whatever instrument comes in second sound very cheesy, or "not confident enough". I would layer that with something or widen it, something has to be done.

what is it you are going for exactly?

Will the final one be much longer?

Already stated but clean up the bass, I may even boost around 62Hz for more power but from 250-400 probably tone that down as well as pinpoint the hum pretty directly and eliminate that as much as possible.

In terms of composition it fares decently, except the length. Execution of the playing could be spruced up as well.

Good start and good luck!

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Thanks for checking it out guys, and for the feedback. For the record, Deku Tree wasn't mixed at all, as it was all sloppy scratch tracking. The demo was just to see if the theme would convert well into 5/4.

John Zorn's Book of Angels series is what really got me into this odd time stuff. In terms of "what I'm going for," I guess I may as well show you the song that did it for me:

. The bass line that comes in at 1:39 is the one that changed my life, and I definitely had it in mind when I thought of trying the Deku Tree theme. So you could say I'm going for a jazzy eastern sound, similar but softer than that^ song.

In terms of arrangement I'm not entirely sure where to go from here. I might medley it, I think Sharp's Curse from MM could fit with this pretty well. Maybe the potion shop theme, or Koume and Kotake's theme, as they've already got that eastern stuff going on.

I think I'm gonna bail on Nanaki. I liked the source but I'm not a big enough FF fan to really want push the arrangement any further, especially when it comes time to record. And nobody mentioned it in the feedback, so that's that. word.

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