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  1. I am re mixing my track emu, so that everything especially the perc. comes through tighter and cleaner now that some time has passed if I can give you a new wave soon.
  2. Happy birthday dude, thanks for your contributions to the project :-D I'll be in touch when we're ready to release, but in the meantime, hope you enjoy your day!

  3. Really really enjoyed this piece, it is very different to what I have been listening to lately and it really drew me in, the softer parts are what makes it! Keep up the good work.
  4. I love listening to this when I do some research, settles me down. Superb track, just great stuff right here.
  5. I am extremely excited for this, this whole game has a chunk of my child hood tied to it as I took it everywhere.
  6. For the OoT, one. Yep the Bass is way over power, and whatever instrument comes in second sound very cheesy, or "not confident enough". I would layer that with something or widen it, something has to be done. what is it you are going for exactly? Will the final one be much longer? Already stated but clean up the bass, I may even boost around 62Hz for more power but from 250-400 probably tone that down as well as pinpoint the hum pretty directly and eliminate that as much as possible. In terms of composition it fares decently, except the length. Execution of the playing could be spruced up as well. Good start and good luck!
  7. are the hat sand cymbals panning left to right? I love the pad sound that comes in about half way through, really decent production as well.
  8. East West samples in there? The whole flow of it sounds cinematic in that it sounds like it would go to something visual. Did you picture a sort of "movie" or scenes in your head when you did this. I love everything about it as it takes me on a journey. Great Work so far. I am not certain what to add as constructive criticism for this particular piece, but I really like what it does for the themes.
  9. I estimate I am about 90 percent done with my track Emu, Hopefully have it next week if not over the weekend.
  10. This is on par in composition I feel with some of my Elfman favorites. I have never heard the source material, but with no memory or nostalgia tied to this, i still love it. "Perfect in all that it is" is how i describe a piece like this. Like I said I am not familiar with the source but as its own piece, to me this was just really something else.
  11. Hello I want to join the dkc3 album. I am working on Northern Kremisphere

  12. I have started work on "Northern Kremisphere" I should have something to show by tomorrow.
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