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Disney's Tangled


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The only thing I could think of while watching this movie was "OMG CHUCK BARTOWSKI"

yeah, when i first heard his voice i thought it sounded kinda familiar... but it was only when i was watching chuck.. that there was a commercial that came on and he actually said he was the voice of the "hero".. which then in turn made me Really want to see the movie as opposed to to kinda wanting to see it :P but just how he delivers some of the lines...

makes you wonder if anyone else would have been able to pull them off quite as smoothly :P

"I know not who you are, nor how I came to find you... but may i just say..... hi" that was just hilarious.

and to anyone who might have watched my other videos i posted... this was a video i put using the Credits song from Tangled:

which it makes a lot more sense if you know the characters... and "what they want" :P

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Favorite part was "You were my new dream." "..and you were mine." Favorite musical moment is the dance in the town. So good. The whole movie is soooo good. Definitely getting the Blu-ray later this month.

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I saw this last night because of this thread. It didn't disappoint. Darkesword summed up the strengths well in the first post. I loved the story, the characters, and the visual. I don't know how many times I mouthed "Wow" in awe of the animation. The music wasn't quite catchy enough for me to be singing it the next day, but while I was watching, it was fantastic. Thanks muchly for the recommendation.

As for my favorite moment: easily, the shot of her parents preparing to release the lanterns. The depth and number of emotions conveyed in those few seconds...

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I saw it for the first time earlier this week, and as its still in the dollar theater, I'm going back tomorrow. Best new Disney movie in years :). (Possibly since The Emperors New Groove). I liked how it went back to Disney's roots as a clever twist on a classic story, but even more, how the characters were so believable. More than anything, it was easy to see their motivation and emotional progression. In a lot of movies, the bad guy is just some person we just assume to be completely evil and heartless, but here, her motives were crystal clear. She didn't just go around doing pointless acts of evil to prove a point, but had a reason. It was ethically incorrect, but that believability about a character's motivations is far too lacking in movies lately.

As for favorite part, the song in the tavern. First off, it shows all the tough guys as real people. Possibly a bit cliche, but it shows you can't judge everyone based on their appearance. And secondly, its just plain funny :<

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