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Pokémon D/P/P: Outside Pokémon League


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Really, really experimented with drums on this one. I like the result, myself.

http://tindeck.com/listen/pdqn (This is an updated version)

And what other genre could you possibly remix this this song in but chillout? (I don't expect an answer to this question)

EDIT: Also I forgot to mention that the drums were inspired by AE's Bubbleman remix, "Soap and Water."



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I kind of like it, but I had to look out the outside Pokemon League area...I mean you spend like 1 minute there lol..

Would you care to tell me what you're talking about, sir?

EDIT: I just realized I forgot to post the source. Lol sorry

Also, probably about 75-80% of the mix is based off either the chords or the melody of the source.

ANOTHER EDIT: Here's another update: http://tindeck.com/listen/wbso

Btw, for some reason I can't switch to mod review at all. Does anybody know how I would be able to this?

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*crawls out of the lurky darkness*

Man, this song is easily my favorite from the entire game! And that game has a ton of great picks.

I'm glad you kept it mellow, but still gave it a little bit of pep with the drumbs ("pep"... that'll do as some technical music feedback right?)

Nice job with it! This was a real treat to run into. Thank you for sharing it.

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Thank you guys for the feedback :D

Actually, I think the percussion needs to be a bit more subtle. The snapping effect is kind of distracting. Take that down a notch, and it's easier to listen to.

Damned, I was way ahead of you on that one :D

I rendered a version last night with a bit less compression on the drums and lowered snaps. Here's the update


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Ok, I'm really liking this one a lot :-) Your piano sounds a lot fuller than I remember from your older WIPs, your synth choices are full of life, and the chords and melodies are very unpredictable. It feels very jazzy and humanized. I was gonna suggest a gated synth underneath your instruments but sure enough, when the second section of the song kicked in, there it was :-D Awesome synth solo!

My biggest beef is with the drums, which just don't ever feel like they're going anywhere. I'm imagining some absolutely epic progressive-rock style drums with some breakbeat influences that increase or decrease in energy to match what's going on in the song. Really, during the synth solo sections, it just doesn't make any sense to stick with the same loops that you used in the beginning of the song when the rest of the instruments are clearly ramped up in energy. Feel what I'm saying? :-)

Beautiful remix though, one of my favorites from you. This'll be a keeper for sure! :-D

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