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  1. *crawls out of the lurky darkness* Man, this song is easily my favorite from the entire game! And that game has a ton of great picks. I'm glad you kept it mellow, but still gave it a little bit of pep with the drumbs ("pep"... that'll do as some technical music feedback right?) Nice job with it! This was a real treat to run into. Thank you for sharing it.
  2. Picked a copy up, too. I have zero musical talent aside from whistling. I'm a visual artist instead However, it's always something I've wanted to pursue on an amateur level, so I got this ASAP. I've donked around in FL Studio a few times over the years, and yes.. it really is like FL Studio in your pocket. At the very least, I can pop out some little ditties or motifs for use in the 2D animations I make, and I'LL OWN THE RIGHTS Really though? The sound quality is meh? I was pretty impressed, and I've been hanging around places like this for longer than I can remember. (I.E. I know what sounds bad, and this didn't, to my ears?) OH! And a notice to the masses: The game is from Japan, but there is not a single bit of Japanese text in the game, it is 100% in English. The manual is all in Japanese, but the software is actually intuitive enough for even a non-musician like me to know how to work it.
  3. I am coming back from the dead/dormant lurking state to PROFESS MY INFINITE LOVE FOR THIS TOPIC. Yes pleas, more Dynamite Headdy. And by more, I mean... any! All the tracks Jaybell listed are my personal picks too. "Walk Towards Me" is extremely catchy to me for some reason, as well. Maybe some kind of uppity marching band mix? Anything. I'll take anything I just want this game to get some ReMix'n love.
  4. Rising of the Star? Or just Rise of the Star... whichever works, man. I'd just like to get to the music, personally =P
  5. *unburrows* 1 vote for KIRBY'S DREAMBAND right here. *burrows and continues lurking*
  6. The Bittorrent file finished downloading for me, so now I'm seeding it. Do I get a prize? =P And SnappleMan's remix was good indeed... although I don't know if I'll ever be able to forgive him for not releasing Metal Doomsday ;_;
  7. Awesome stuff, gents =D It's so awesome I came out of my lurker hole and posted. I love each song so far (I'm up to Fear Factory) Each one has their momments. I'd have to say, my favorite so far is probably the cave remix by Adhesive Boy. Or One Zero One... ah hell, they're all good, like I said. Keep up the good work ^^ So what's the NEXT spotlighted project going to be?
  8. It's The Incredible Singing Reploid! Amazing stuff, Salz. Just amazing. I'm making a new MP3 CD just because of this track.
  9. Actually "Saturday Night Speedway" is based on the Good Future version, and "Stardust Beat" is based on the Past mix... but that's just what I think, anyway. Now you need to do Bad Future and Present!
  10. I swear that sample heard at 1:36 is Bomb Man's theme from Megaman 1.
  11. You know how sometimes people refer to big, busy downtown cities as a forrest of skyscrapers? Well this is the lost woods of skyscrapers. I'm lovin' it.
  12. I, too, am obsessed with the CSE. I just love it. I barley remember Golden Axe, much less the music, but I really dig this song. It just goes up and down, left and right, loud and soft, all around here and there, EVERYWHERE! While wearing Headphones, try following the sound with your eyes. They will fall out of your head, you're movin' em so much.
  13. For some reason I only get a 5 second song when I download this...
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