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Tim Follin - Time Trax


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Not familiar with the

... oh wait, you posted it in the Follin project thread, let's see...

HOLY SHIT, that's an awesome tune. Once again, I'm impressed with his amazing chiptune/sequencing skills. Let's see how yours holds up (it won't be easy - that's the problem with remixing Follin music).

First thing I notice is an amazing use of effects. Very neat. The deep bass is also effective.

The lead, while phased and stuff, seems a little weak and thin compared to the rest of the track. You'll need to beef that out somehow (use a fatter synth, make it louder, compress it, etc.).

The overall production sounds very overcompressed. You'll need to lighten up on the compression, there (it's a problem I tend to have, too, so I know your pain). The sounds blend together too much, so the overall effect is almost a sound soup. A shame, because you have a lot of great things going on in this.

It sounds like you could really continue on for a bit longer on this one. The ending right now sounds incomplete, for some reason. Let's see where it want's to go, here - it leaves me wanting more.

Very nice track. If you expand it and fix the lead + overcompression issues I think you'll have a great tribute to Follin, here.

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I noticed at the beginning one of the notes didn't overlap right. You said be gentle, so I didn't listen to the rest of the song.

C'mon now, play nice, let's not get our pretty little knickers in a twist.

Yeah, I emulate what Gario is saying pretty much, intro synth is sick man.

Overall, pretty good. You planning on subbing this once the compression 'n' stuffs is fix'd'd?

Hrmm gotta say though, not loving those sort of out of time arps at around 3:07.

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I already fixed the compression, I believe. I've only got incredibly light master bus compression now on this, as well as sidechain for the bass. I'm not sure what you meant by out of time arps. The lead synth playing on the part you mentioned is definitely in time, perhaps you're being thrown off by the accented (emphasized) second notes on each phrase. It does have an effect that throws off the beat somewhat. This can be heard more clearly in the repeat that follows immediately after when only the lead, bass and kick are playing.

I do want to submit this though, yeah! Thanks for listening and for your opinion.

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I hear some of the changes, and they're for the better (awesome piano, the lead is fatter, I believe), but it still seems like the mix isn't spacious enough (a.k.a. it's still overcompressed). Perhaps less so, but it's still there. Hmm... try bypassing the compressor, for a moment. Perhaps it's not overcompression, but a type of clipping or limiting that we're hearing (and I'm not talking about the sidechain - I know that's intentional).

Could you upload it in a downloadable format? I'd like to run it in Audacity and study the wavelength a little bit and see it I can give you some more detailed feedback based on that.

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Sure, I'll do that. My monitors are not the best at the moment, I wish I had a better pair. I miss the old Genelecs I used to work with... now I've just got my PC speakers. That could be an issue, even though I've come to terms with this particular set's own nuances and sonic characteristics.

I can tell you now though I just have the T-Raxx Brickwall Limiter with -0.1 threshold, no input or output gain, plus The Glue with no threshold and a 2:0 ratio just for color and peak smoothing. I know I'm not going into the red at all, either. I'll upload the file in a bit then edit this post with the link. Thanks again, by the way! :)

P.S. It could be that the bass is overwhelming. I'm hardly in an ideal monitoring environment, for reasons related to gear, acoustics and optimal dB zone.

Here is the direct download link as promised. The format is 192kbps mp3. http://www.sendspace.com/file/uemt71

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